passing parameter to update correct fileds using Stored Procedure


I want to pass parameters as number  1   or 2  to 3
to update or select certain field in a table with fields names f1, f2,f3

so that when the value is 2 I want my select statement to be equal to
select f2 from mytable

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
this could do:
select case @parameter WHEN 1 then f1 WHEN 2 THEN f2 WHEN 3 THEN f3 END as field from mytable 

however, the data types must be equivalent (or be made equivalent with CONVERT() .. )

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Rahul Goel ITILSenior Consultant - DeloitteCommented:

declare @parameter as int
set @parameter = 2
    case @parameter 
               WHEN 1 then col1
               WHEN 2 THEN col2
               WHEN 3 THEN col3
    END as field 

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zaki100Author Commented:

Both answers are good but I want to make comparison for the selected field such us checking if it is null  or >0 within the same select statement


select decode(@parameter,1,f1,2,f2,3,f3,'your_comment') as fiels from your_table
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