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Remote Registry control

abrodski asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-04
Today I discovered that by default in XP Pro remote registry control is enabled.It doesn't make any sense...According to my personal common sense,it's crazy to allow that and it must be turned off.
So how come MS people can't understand that...or there's something I don't know?
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I think I found the reason...MS Windows Update...
You have the ability to turn it off, but it's enabled by default for functionality with other programs.  It's something like why is the server service turned on?  Because some programs may need it, whether or not you use them or not.  Anyway, the remote registry service is dangerous, but it does require a user/pass to access it, and if that is compromised and they have remote access to your box, they can make registry changes just as easily as without it.  Have there been exploits for it?  Of course, but which service that gives remote access to you hasn't been exploited?
We can look at the spooler service as well when you're working with printers over a network.  If connecting to a printer through the network, this service relies on remote registry to make those registry entries for you.  We also have remote assistance in where the person assisting you needs to make configuration changes that would write to a registry.  If he makes those changes, the remote assistance service will stop as it requires that remote registry service for it.  The network diagnostics tool, that's offered in Windows servers 200+, requires this as well.  There are several things, however a lot of them incorrectly do not list remote registry as a dependency.


so it's better leave it on then?
Well it all depends on what you're using the computer for.  If you're a simple home user, yeah turn it off.  If you plan on using remote services on your computer, then you'll want to turn it off as there's no use for it.  Just remember if you need remote access to your computer, to turn the service back on.
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