Can you run 2 PDC/Exchange over a S2S using MS EBS?

I have customer with a S2S sollution with a Win 2003 Std PDC in both ends that syncronize all relevant data  Files and off course AD, DNS etc. so that they can run autonomously if the S2S should fail.
The S2S is handled by a couple of Cisco routers.
The mail is currently hosted.

They want to upgrade the server solution to 2008 and are also considering implementing Exchange. They want the same fail safe solutions as today which would be no hazzle if the buy regular Server and Exchange licenses. But &. And heres the question.
Could you make this setup based upon MS EBS? 1 PDC (GC) / Exchange Server in both ends of the S2S and the last 1 or 2 servers  depending upon whether you buy std or prem  used for whatever.


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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
i assume s2s is site to site vpn.

the problem you will head for is the ISA in MS EBS

only if you dont install the ISA server in MS ebs, then it will work correctly. (for file and ad,dns)

for email, if using outlook client, then if s2s is down, you might risk that you wont able to get the email working.
but owa is always working.

really depends how you gonna design your ebs and what you want to achieve at the end

spooky-mulderAuthor Commented:
My end goal is to have two redundant sites  apart from one PDC having the FSMO roles and one Exchange being the primary MX record holder  at the cheapest software price possible.
Im aware that this is way beyond the out of the box setup procedure for the EBS; but what Im basically asking is, is it feasible and legal within the boundaries of the EBS features and licenses? Here Im off course referring to all the limitations in the SBS solution, which would definitely not allow for any tinkering.

Regarding the ISA... How come you cannot use the Forefront installation? Is it too integrated with the Exchange (Edge) installation? Otherwise you should be able to install it on one of your remaining Windows Server licenses (1 or 2 regarding of whether you by std or prem).
Then you could use at your main location containing the FSMO and primary mx, and it could even run one end of the S2S tunnel.

Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
You are hitting the boundry.

please review:

all of the settings for EBS is too intergrated. so you cannot change anything.

The best you get SBS premium. the main server will run SBS, and another one you move to branch site and promote to DC/readonly-DC.

Q. Are there any design constraints in Windows Essential Business Server 2008? 
A. The design constraints are:
No more than 300 users or devices
EBS Messaging and Management servers must be installed in the root domain of the forest
The PDC emulator and Domain Naming Master roles must reside on the EBS Management server
You cannot create any inter-forest trusts
You cannot create any child domains
Terminal Services Application Mode is disabled on the Management, Messaging, and Security servers
The Messaging, Security, and Premium Edition servers must be members of the Windows EBS 2008 domain.

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spooky-mulderAuthor Commented:
Well at least you answered my question ;-)

I'll have to go for dedicated software then.

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