xp pro printing is blocked

XP Pro
Tyan Mobo
80GB HDD partition
Problem: DJ HP 6940 stopped printing from PC possibly after downloading Comcast code
ERROR MESSAGE: Possible VPN, cable issue blocking spooler
Verified no VPN by disconnecting Cat 5 cable
Verified not a cable issue by swapping it out

Currently seeking KB info
unsure if KB953546 meets requirements - so I will not download.

I'm considering replacing FN: SPOOLSV.EXE

What action do you suggest?

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rljack01Author Commented:
PC/Printer was printing immediately prior to forced download, supposedly from an ISP.
Try stopping then restarting the print spooler service. in services.msc
rljack01Author Commented:
What are the steps for me to do your suggestion?
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type in services.msc>
look for a service called Print Spooler>

Make sure it is set to Automatic, and the status is started>

right click it, select, Stop
tright click it, select start
rljack01Author Commented:
1- The above suggestion did not work.
2- Print queue was erased but submitted new job to print. Spooler error reappeared.
3- I suspect that the rougue code in the 'forced' download supposedly done by the ISP, created a VPN.
Please advise steps to verify VPN.  Thanks.
uninstall the software that was put on your pc and test. its a compatibility issue. IF comcast is truly installing software on your PC with out you authorizing it, call your local news station, law enforcement, and state represenative as this is highly illegale and they will have to pay you damages, just as sony did with their little trojan.


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rljack01Author Commented:
I've been trying to resolve the suspected  ISP caused issue but cannot find the software on my PC as I don't know how to.
I need to know how to access the system logs so I can prove that the problem (printing) was caused by software which apparently may be floating around in the ISP's system.
I did not identify the offending ISP especially as I not sure if the 'forced download' was a SPOOF (malware implant) or not.  
However the download indicated the ISP's name.
rljack01Author Commented:
I'm suspecting that the kernal may have been changed by the aberrant code download.
The book: XP Internals - troubleshooting 4th edition may support this hypothesis.
Since today I restored the system to June 12, 2009 when the system printed ok and the printer still did not print and as incoming error messages from the printer are received, I concluded that the OS kernal had been modified and that a restore will not restore the kernal level data.  Within a few minutes of a restart, I backed off the restore back to today.
The drivers seem to be ok because I downloaded it again today from the HP site but still no print.
The printer is fine as it prints a test page.
Therefore it seems that the PC uses a port other than the port that normal print commands are issued to to reach the printer.
I guess I'll have to backup all my data (when I can) as I'm a 1 man business consulting LLC and reinstall.
What a pain!!!
Can you advise me how to access the XP Pro system logs.  The XP PC is a standalone - without a server but on a small LAN.
rljack01Author Commented:
Outlines the step by step process to access the PC Logs.
rljack01Author Commented:
The solution was to run www.superantispyware.com and identify and remove the offending spyware.
There were 3 assists:
1- SAMWICK,    ID # 24804354
2- DATEDMAN, ID # 24805443
3- PRELUDE812, ID # 24773654
Please apportion points equally among the 3 people and ID #s listed above.
PRELUDE812, ID # 24773654 is on this post.  
The others are on my post immediately following this one in my record on EE.
rljack01Author Commented:

Please award points to PRELUDE812, ID # 24773654 is on this post.  
Only a subset of his advice was correct.  That is:
I deleted the printer and reinstalled the HP software to get the printer working again.
rljack01Author Commented:
The comment indicated a delete activity however after testing several options the one that worked was deleting the printer icon and reinstalling the HP 6940 software CD for XP.  I choose NOT to address any other portion of the comment by prelude812.
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