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shutdown script

Last Modified: 2012-05-07
i need shutdown vbscript with msgbox " your computer will shutdown in x min Press Cancel to abort " 
if no one press cancel the shutdown command is going to continue. i have tried to write a script i need your help !!

TimeOut = 1 '(in minutes) how to use ?
or is there another way ??

dim objShell
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
userschoice = Msgbox("The Computer is shuting down now", VBOKCancel + vbExclamation,"Caution")
If vbOK Then
        objShell.Run "shutdown.exe -s -t 30"
        Msgbox "Shutdown abortet"
End if

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BTW ~ Adjust line 25 where 30 is the seconds it will wait before acting on its own without user intervention.


thank you it seems working ... im testing it now

Here's the one for rebooting
Set for 10 sec on no user intervention.
' Reboot.vbs
' Example VBScript to Reboot computers w/ user input
' Author Lance Dobbs
' Version 1.1 - July 2009
' --------------------------------------
Dim objShell, strComputer, strInput
Dim strReboot
' This parameter is for when the user clicks on the yes box.(adjust -t as needed - default 0 min.)
strReboot1 = "Shutdown -r -t 0 -f -m \\" & strComputer
' This parameter is for when the user clicks on the no box. (adjust -t as needed - default 5 min.)
strReboot2 = "Shutdown -r -t 300 -f -m \\" & strComputer
' This parameter is for when the user does nothing. (adjust -t as needed - default 0 min.)
' If this is not needed, REM out the line with "	objShell.Run strReboot3"
strReboot3 = "Shutdown -r -t 0 -f -m \\" & strComputer
Const wshYes = 6
Const wshNo = 7
Const wshYesNoDialog = 4
Const wshQuestionMark = 32
Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
intReturn = objShell.Popup("Your computer needs to be rebooted. Do you wish to proceed right now?", _
    10, "***** Reboot REQUIRED *****", wshYesNoDialog + wshQuestionMark)
If intReturn = wshYes Then
   	Wscript.Echo "You clicked the Yes to Reboot your computer now."
	objShell.Run strReboot1
ElseIf intReturn = wshNo Then
    	Wscript.Echo "You clicked the No button. Your computer will Reboot in 5 minutes. Please close all applications."
	objShell.Run strReboot2
    	Wscript.Echo "The popup timed out. Computer will Reboot now."
	objShell.Run strReboot3
End If

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thank you i did some modification that meet my requirements
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