Windows Server 2003 with Backup Exec 10 fails backup because the backup did not finish in alotted time.

Hi all,

I'm currently running Server 2k3 with Backup Exec 10.  My backups have started failing intermittently and it seems to be happening every 2 or 3 days.  The server uses SQL for a medical software program (MDS Primesuite).  I'm not sure why, but the backups isn't actually starting according to the schedule.  I have the "Time Availability" selection disabled.  The scheduled run is scheduled to start between 12:00am and 12:10am and has a maximum run time of 10 hours (normal backup takes about 5 hours for around 40GB on a DAT72).  On the job history, Backup Exec doesn't show the backup of the C: drive (first in the list of priority to backup) beginning until nearly 6am (a full 6 hours after it should have already started).  

I'm going into the office today when everyone goes home early to try and resolve this issue.  So far from my research I can guess that the issues may be...

1) Possibly related to A/V scans from Kaspersky that are getting in the way at night.

2) Possible append issue with tapes - tapes are only 36GB/72GB and with backups being around 40GB with not much compression, the tape may be having to rewind itself mid-backup.  There may be something to do with not being able to write over the tape again for a couple of hours.

3) I'm pretty sure they do not have an exchange server, but it's possible they do, and if I see Exchange running then I am going to make sure that they do NOT have a brick level backup selected.

As a note... all of the backups typically run around 200-250MB/second in every part of the job log.  Even when the backup doesn't start on time the data transfer rates are pretty consistent.

About a month or two ago we were running into issues with the tape drive no longer backing up anything.  After trying some steps with Dell over the phone, we decided that the drive was probably bad and Dell came out to replace the tape drive.  The backups were working good for about a month and then the intermittent fails came again.

I really need help on this one as I can't for the life of me think of anything else besides calling Dell/Veritas to solve this issue.
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Might want to upgrade BE?  Do you have maintenance with them?  At least see if there are newer drivers for the tape device.  But if replacing the tape drive did it once...
jb2286Author Commented:
So while on-site today I checked for updates for BE - none available without upgrading to a newer version of BE.  No maintenance as far as I'm aware.  The server is being leased from another company and any of the supporting documentation is LONG gone.

After spending a couple of hours configuring the settings to have Kaspersky turn itself off and creating a new backup job... I ran into a couple of settings that MAY have helped.  When the backups weren't starting until around 6am I noticed that there were "Media Insert" notices.  BE didn't have a response configured for media insert.  I configured the Media Insert response to retry overwriting the tape.

I think I may have found and changed a setting that caused BE to search for scratch media instead of just overwriting the recyclable media - in the Veritas Application Settings under "Media Management."

I started a backup manually and let it run to about 3GB - everything seemed like it was going good so I canceled the backup and ejected the tape.  Did a restart.

I put the same tape back in and let the tape drive ready itself.  I then changed the system time to 1 minute before the scheduled backup was supposed to run.  The backup started as normal and did not ask to insert any media (no alerts showed up in the log, so either the alert response configuration change worked or the media management configuration change worked... I think).  I canceled the backup, changed the time back to normal, ejected the tape and then put it back in the system.  I restarted the server, opened BE and made sure the schedule was set to start tonight as normal.  Everything checks out, so I'm going to RDP into the server tomorrow and see if the fixes worked.

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Ah yeah it does that, i forgot because i normally just tell it to overwrite whatever i give it :)
jb2286Author Commented:
Day 1 trial seems to have worked - mostly.  The backup completed in approximately 5 hours at approximately 250MB/min.  I used the same backup set data as for the original backup job, but now I have a couple more exceptions than before.  I'm going to wait and see if the next week's worth of backups works.
jb2286Author Commented:
At the end of week 1, everything seems to be going smoothly.  The backups have worked fine and they start at the correct time.  The misconfigured BackupExec worked fine for a while, that's why this was difficult to diagnose.  (That and my boss doesn't understand how something can work one day and not the next - even with the same settings).  I conclude this issue as resolved.
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