Vista media center bluray issues with Arcsoft Total Media

I have an HTPC with vista ultimate 32 bit.   I added a bluray drive and am using arcsoft total media theatre 3 version  After watching a bluray for about an hour it just cuts out and goes back to VMC.  Sometimes it does this after 5 minutes.  Its not throwing any errors or writing to the event log so i'm at a loss.  Could it be a bad drive?  Bad codec?  overheating? bad ram?  

PS: The only other thing I have installed is the vista codec bundle for watch mkv etc.  
PSS: Is arcsoft the way to go or should I use the windvd 8 that came with the drive?
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ComputerTechieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try a different software like WinDvD and see fif you get the same effect.

blaze2342Author Commented:
Will it integrate with VMC?  
blaze2342Author Commented:
I guess I could just try it outside of VMC for testing purposes.
blaze2342Author Commented:
After biting the bullet I purchased a copy of Cyberlink Power DVD Ultra. It seems to have remedied the problem.  
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