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How do you create dates for today, this week,this month and this year in cf8.

Posted on 2009-07-03
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
How do you create dates for today, this week,this month and this year in cf8.

My code:
Experts :
I have a variable called leadframe being passed via cfdiv bind from form element leadframe.
the options are: today, thisweek,thismonth,thisyear
I understand how to set the variables i just don't know how to calculate the values.
I want to set startdate to the calendar date to begin query and enddate to end query.

<cfif leadframe EQ "today">
    <cfset startdate = "">
    <cfset enddate = "">
<cfelseif leadframe EQ "thisWeek">
      <cfset startdate = "">
       <cfset enddate = "">
<cfelseif startdate EQ "ThisMonth">
   <cfset startdate = "">
   <cfset enddate = "">
<cfelseif leadframe EQ "ThisYear">
     <cfset startdate = "">
     <cfset enddate = "">
Select * from mytable where date between startdate and enddate

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Question by:LeadCo
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Accepted Solution

srikanthmadishetti earned 2000 total points
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For today keep the start and date coldfusion date fucntion now()
for all the other 3 here is the code:

<cfset dtcurrenttWeek = Fix( Now() )  />
                <cfset objcurrentWeek = StructNew() />
                                <!--- Get start of week. --->
                <cfset objcurrentWeek.Start = DateFormat(dtcurrenttWeek - DayOfWeek( dtcurrenttWeek ) + 1
                ) />
                <!--- Get end of week by adding to start date. --->
<cfset objcurrentWeek.End = DateFormat( objcurrentWeek.Start + 6 ) />
Week :<br>
#objcurrentWeek.Start# <br />
#objcurrentWeek.End#  <br>
<cfset objcurrentMonth = StructNew() />
<cfset yr=Year(Now())>
<cfset m=Month(Now())>
<cfset d=DaysInMonth(Now())>
<cfset objcurrentMonth.end=Createdate(#yr#,#m#,#d#)>
<cfset objcurrentMonth.start=Createdate(#yr#,#m#,01)>
Month : <br>
#Dateformat(objcurrentMonth.Start,"dd/mmm/yyyy")# <br />
#Dateformat(objcurrentMonth.End,"dd/mmm/yyyy")#  <br>
<cfset objcurrentYear = StructNew() />
<cfset yr=Year(Now())>
<cfset m=Month(Now())>
<cfset d=DaysInMonth(Now())>
<cfset objcurrentYear.end=Createdate(#yr#,01,01)>
<cfset objcurrentYear.start=Createdate(#yr#,12,31)>
Year :<br>
#Dateformat(objcurrentYear.Start,"dd/mmm/yyyy")#<br />
#Dateformat(objcurrentYear.End,"dd/mmm/yyyy")# <br>
Wrote this code long back :)) , Hope this helps
 Let me know if you need more help in this

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