Extra space at top left corner of my Windows XP Desktop

I have a unique issue of my windows XP desktop, I have never heard or seen like that,
actually my XP desktop have an extra space at the top left corner, i can even work on that area, i can drag any window to out of my screen, size is almost 640x480 of that extra area, and 1440x900 is my actual resolution,
when first time this issue occurs, i can't understand, but when i press print-screen and paste into paint, then i seen a extra space at my top left corner..
i also attached a screenshot, somebody help me plzzz,
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samieranaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check Following:
1. Did you update your graphics drivers? if yes rollback them.
2. Have to try to change your resolution different from the present 1440 x 900.
you have combined two print screens in one image using photoshop :)
nitevishAuthor Commented:
rizwanidrees: you are trying to say, that i'm joking with all of you experts.
man for God sake!!!
i know u don't believe that, and like me, u didn't heard any issue like that..
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I have experienced these type of issues and this is because of Video driver (graphics driver) in-compatibility.
nitevishAuthor Commented:
Oh my God !

"PSPdisp" mirror my existing display.
This program package lets you use a PSP as an additional monitor.
see this: http://www.jjs.at/software/pspdisp.html
i fixed that issue, after uninstalling this utility.

thank u all, except rizwan idress :)
nitevishAuthor Commented:
I answered my question after explore my recent installed programs. My question was solved! when I uninstalled the application.
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