Sybase sp_configure

When I execute sp_configure, it only return me few below as per screenshot, where is the others? which I saw many configuration from sybase central tool. what I can do in order to run sp_configure only to display me disk io or any related group?
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run this command and check sp_configure again

sp_configure 'show advanced option',1

if you want to run full command at a time rather than two separate than use this

sp_configure 'show advanced option',1


In Sybase, there is no  "show advanced option" for sp_configure.


1  Where is the screenshot ?

2  To some extent, this is version dependent.  Pls post the result of:
select @@version

3  To inspect the Disk I/O Group of config parms, use the code below.  This is ASE 15.0.2. ESD #6.  Note, sp_configure is case sensitive.


1> sp_configure "Disk I/O"
2> go
Group: Disk I/O
 Parameter Name                 Default     Memory Used Config Value
         Run Value    Unit                 Type
 ------------------------------ ----------- ----------- ------------
         ------------ -------------------- ----------
 allow sql server async i/o               1           0            1
                    1 switch               static
 disable disk mirroring                   1           0            1
                    1 switch               static
 disk i/o structures                    256         298         2048
                 2048 number               dynamic
 number of devices                       10         #36           32
                   32 number               dynamic
 number of large i/o buffers              6        3112            6
                    6 number               dynamic
 page utilization percent                95           0           80
                   80 percent              dynamic
(1 row affected)
(return status = 0)

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motioneyeAuthor Commented:
Its working now :) I have no idea why last time it didn't work at all, after several hours then when I executed same command it worked as intended.
Maybe you were logged into MSSQL and you thought you were logged into Sybase.
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