error when moving file from mac pro to external drive

Hi Experts

I am unable to transfer large file from my mac to external drive.

mv location A external drive

mv: /bin/cp: terminated with 1 (non-zero) status: Cross-device link

Troubleshoot i did so far
-changed the permission to 777 still no luck.
-I am able to transfer small file <1GIg
-I get error when I transfer file > 2gig (iso images )

Javeed Abdul
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Is the external drive formatted as NTFS? NTFS drives are READ ONLY from Macs unless you install third party software:
Why not just drag and drop the file?  Does that give you a similar error?
javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
thanks str8

Command line is more faster for me.
Hence i would prefer to transfer file via terminal..

javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
good catch..

I guess.i recently formatted my mac and update to latest patch . 10.5.7

Prior to that i had to install the macfuse software to read/write to NTFS.(mac was on 10.3 something)

But after fresh install i was able to transfer file small then my mind never went towards macfuse.(thirdparty software)

Let me install that and will give a try ..

Javeed Abdul

javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded the mcfuse
Looks like it working now ..

Not sure why Apple don't want to have it by default

Thanks for your help

Javeed Abdul

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