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How to connect outlook 2007 to exchange 2007 via VPN

GordonLiq asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I am running outlook 2007 Vista . and using hardware VPN connection to office that running
windows 2003 64bit and exchange 2007.

I can remote desktop to exchange 2007 , but my outlook 2007 cannot connect to exchange and always say tring to connect and then disconntectd.

I have search the internet and set the MaxPacketSize=1
and add exserver.domain.local to hosts but it still does not work.

any idea.
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First of all: can you: ping exserver.domain.local and ping exserver? You probably remote desktop to the exchange server with its IP address. If you cannot ping it this way, your DNS settings is the place you want to check.


Yes, I can ping, My remote desktop is using the FQDN

Have you tried creating a new mail profile to test? Did you already disable all firewalling?


I have disalbed the firewall  , have I recreate the mail profile.


Can you ping your Global Catalog server using the FQDN & NetBIOS as well ?

Also if you have a firewall in between, then ensure the ports mentioned in the KB article (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/270836) are open.

In case you have some issues with the Firewall, then you can configure Outlook to connect to the Exchange server using RPC over HTTP.

To know more about RPC over HTTP, type "configure RPC over HTTP" in google and you would get many article which will help you to configure it.

And not sure in your last comment, I guess you wanted to say "How to recreate the Mail profie", if thats the case, then follow the below article for step by step information,


You can try this one: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/913843 Outlook 2007 can give you trouble if it cannot properly detect a gateway. Think this might happen with some VPN clients.....
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