Why do I receive the error message "eaccessviolation" when I shut down my PC (XP at home)?

Why do I receive the error message "eaccessviolation" when I shut down my PC (XP at home)?
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Definitely some program.  DO you have Symantec as virus protection?  I read Tino Desktop and Symantec do not work well.  A workaround is to exclude the Tivo program file folder.
Mark11111Author Commented:
I do not use Symantic AV.  I do use (often never loaded) Symantec "Partition Magic" and "PC Anywhere".  
I do use Tivo Desktop.
Have you thoroughly checked for Malware & viruses?

If you are in any doubt, i recommend downloading then updating Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:
When updated, reboot into Safe Mode by selecting F8 at bootup & run a scan.
Tutorial available, if you require >

Incidently are you running SpyDoctor?
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The error message "eaccessviolation" can also be caused by a corrupted file.

Are Incidently are you running XP SP2 or SP3 ?    If SP2, you may wish to consider updating to SP3.

Here's an interesting report/forum where SP2 appears to be used>

"EAccessviolation error":

If you scroll down to the last comment you'll see information on turning off the DEP.  This in turn links to the following MS article.  So i recommend that you study the contents thoroughly please to familiarise yourself with it's use, and once again if the error message is a constant irritant you may want to disable the DEP >>

"A detailed description of the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature in Windows XP Service Pack 2":
If none of the previous comments help, and you decide ~not~ to turn off the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature, the only other suggestion is to try the System File Checker although there's only a slim chance that the SFC will help in this instance>

Start>Run       .. and then type SFC /scannow          (note space between C and /  )

"How to use the scannow sfc tool in Windows XP":

Have your installation CD or equivalent available just in case SFC is able to replace a damaged file.

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Hello Mark11111,
I agree with most of the comments above but you should follow some sort of protocol to troubleshoot this issue. The reason you are getting this error is because of a conflict/file corruption between two different applications and DEP (which is just another layer of hardware/software protection) would be the easy way out (I do not like turning DEP off). In my opinion you should follow these  steps in order:
1.      Run SFC as recommended by Jonvee from the command prompt: c:\sfc /scannow (if you want to see more options just type sfc /?....this will basically check the integrity of all your system critical files and if any is corrupt it will replace it.
2.      Try to remember when the problem started? And try to remember which application you installed or updated right before the issue began. You can then uninstall it to see if it clears the issue and reinstall to see if it comes back.
3.      Tivo and Symantec DO have documented issues: try to temporarily uninstall Tivo just to limit the number of variables that we are dealing with. You have applications from both vendors since you are using PcAnywhere and Partition Magic (You really do not need to have Partition Magic installed all the time  just reinstall it when needed). The point here is that Symantec product do use LiveUpdate which can be creating an issue with Tivo software as tmasters2876 suggested.
4.      Go to : Start-Run and type in MSCONFIG and disable all of your startup programs. If this eliminates the problem then start re-enabling one by one until you find the offending application.
5.      Start your pc in safe mode (press F8 when booting) wait till it loads completely and then shutdown. This will tell us if the problem is in one of the basic services or not.
6.      I assume that you have checked for malware. If not this would be the right moment to do so. Try a free evaluation of the basic Norton AntiVirus (it will last you 15 days an then it will ask you to pay or remove it).
7.      Create a New User with Administrator rights. You can call it Test. Log in as the Test User and see if the problem persists. If it disappears then you know that your profile is corrupt. Come back and I will explain how to transfer your data from the old profile to the new one if you need help.
8.      Download TuneUP Utilities 2009 also as a fully working free evaluation. Have it check your registry for errors and have it clean it up. It really cleans up remnants of entries and corrects many misconfigurations.

Let us know of you progress from here. Its a matter of narrowing down the variables&..Hope this helps.
Mark11111Author Commented:
Great Feedback. I need to print and study this.  
I wlll say at this point that I do have very strong AV and spyware protection, and I am on XP Home SP3.  
I"ve run the SFC scannor, and it simply quit after 1 hour with no information.
I may try deabling the DEP
I seem to remember reading somewher that the "EAccessviolation error may be related to some memory conflict.  Not sure.
Thanks a again.  Next step is disabling the DEP and I'll post the results.  
Ok, thanks.   Incidently it's fairly normal for the SFC to simply quit with no reported findings, if you have no corrupted System files.
Mark11111Author Commented:
WOW. This is too much. I didn't expect so much great advice from everyone.  I'll have to renew my annual memebership.  Thanks again to all.  
Glad to help....keep me posted.....just for my own mental database.....
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