How to enable / disable ALL controls (textboxes, dropdowns, checkboxes) on a page (on page load) based on some values in database?


I want to disable (make it read only)
all user input controls (like textboxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, radiobuttons)
on a page (on page load) based on some value in the database.

How do I achieve this?
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I usually do this by creating some sort of method called "ResetFields()" and then call it in the Page_Load function.

Make sure to check if the page is posted back first:

If (!IsPostBack) {

As far as getting the value from the database, you can do something like the attached code snippet.

I wrote this from the top of my head just in the text I had no error checking...
using System.Data.SqlClient;
String connStr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ConnectionStringName").ToString();
SQLConnection sqlcon = New SQLConnection;
SQLCommand SQLcom = new SQLCommand;
sqlcon.ConnectionString = connStr;
sqlcom.CommandText = "SELECT Whatever FROM Table";
sqlcom.Connection = sqlcon;
String result = sqlcom.ExecuteScalar();

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meetpdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you please tell me which line actually does the disabling part?

YourControlName.Enabled = False;

Sorry. I didn't put it. That goes in ResetFields() routine.

I'm on my iPhone right now. Sorry for the brief response.
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meetpdAuthor Commented:
The way you suggested, we will have write command for each and every control..I want a way by which ALL controls are disabled in one shot...

here you go. I put most of the controls, but add controls as you like (as long as they have the "Enabled" property).

//Run method:
//Code for method
    private void DisableAllControls(Control Page)
        foreach (Control ctrl in Page.Controls)
            if (ctrl is TextBox) ((TextBox) (ctrl)).Enabled = false;
            else if (ctrl is Button) ((Button)(ctrl)).Enabled = false;
            else if (ctrl is DropDownList) ((DropDownList)(ctrl)).Enabled = false;
            else if (ctrl is ListBox) ((ListBox)(ctrl)).Enabled = false;
            else if (ctrl is CheckBox) ((CheckBox)(ctrl)).Enabled = false;
            else if (ctrl is CheckBoxList) ((CheckBoxList)(ctrl)).Enabled = false;
            else if (ctrl is RadioButton) ((RadioButton)(ctrl)).Enabled = false;
            else if (ctrl is RadioButtonList) ((RadioButtonList)(ctrl)).Enabled = false;
                if (ctrl.Controls.Count > 0) DisableAllControls(ctrl);

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