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Vmware SMP

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Last Modified: 2013-11-11

I have downloaded the free version of ESXi, and activated my copy.
I installed the vmware on my 2 * 2.50 Quad Core blade server, and configured by linux machine to use 8 Virtual CPU... when I try to power the virtual machine, I get the following error:
there are insufficient licenses to complete this operation. Feature vsmp not licensed, requires 8 have 4..

What does that mean? And how I can use my 8 Virtual CPU?
What is the advantage of using all the available Virtual CPU, and what the impact on perfomance... Does the virutal CPU reflects the physical CPU?

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za_mkhIT Manager

8 Way SMP is only supported for Enterprise Plus licences, otherwise the default it 4 vCPUs.


Thanks for your answer... But what the SMP stands for? And how does that impact the performance?
za_mkhIT Manager

That wasn't too clear. You will need to purchase an Enterprise Plus Licence to have 8 way SMP. But believe me, you won't be doing too shabby with a 4 vCPU system. In fact sometimes, even a 2vCPU system will perform better then a 4vCPU system. Let the ESX scheduler distributed the processing load amongst all your physical cores.


Thanks for your quick answers.
As for the scheduler distribution of physical cores, shall I configure that, or it is already configured?
One more thing, what is "Thin provisioning"
za_mkhIT Manager

SMP merely allows load to be shared between all the CPU's that your operating system sees. Even if you gave your VM 1vCPU but it was sitting on a 8 Core Host server, the VM would see one CPU but it's processing load would be distributed amongst all 8 physical cores, hence me saying that sometimes giving 8vCPU's to a machine with only 8 cores is not going to give you the best performance sometimes it detracts from it. My personal experience is that I don't give any VM more than 2 vCPUS as my reasoning is that the ESX scheduler distributes the load generated by your VM guests amongst the physical cores anyway ...
IT Manager
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Now, if the datastore is already created as Thick, can I change it to thin?

za_mkhIT Manager

The datastore is always provisioned thick. It's the VMDKs (assigned to the VM's that can be thin provisioned)
In case somebody else mentions ... I know you can thin provision SAN volumes ... but that is not what the original poster is asking about.
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