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multiple types of user profiles/preferences

maveric191 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-17
is there a way to save multiple profiles for the user to select they're app settings from
ex: app is installed and multiple people use it on one windows log in
user A likes his colors, and forms in one place with one background
user B has something else ect.

also the users have to option to save a variety of color profiles only and use them with whatever main profile they want.

side note is there a way to import an old INI file so users don't have to reconfigure everything on when and if they choose to migrate to the new app?
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Create a mechanism in your aplication that allows users ( of your app ) to save & load their own preferences.
In the most simple example, save user settings to xml file(s), and provide a way for your app user to load their own settings.
For your color settings, save them separate from the main settings and then allow the users to choose which color profile(s) they want to use.
In terms of the INI file question, File.Copy should do it


fantastic!!! could you be so kind as to point me in the right direction plz.  I've never worked with XML that i'm aware of at least


still at a loss as to how to do this.  help plz
Sorry mav, I'm not sure how i missed your first comment.  When i get to work tomorrow, I'll add some code snippets here.


no worries :-) it happens to the best of us.  thanks again
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Thanks :-) i've figured out how to get my colors to save using the settings and binding in VS.  I haven't figured out how to allow the user to save multiple color profiles using various names or how to get those names to show up in the initial form that allows users to add modify copy or delete the profile, or to show and allow for a quick swap of color profiles via the menu bar in the main form.  screenshots below are roughly what i'm trying to do.


here's a sample config file that a friend sent me.
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