how to have an array of browsers in VB (Dim WithEvents o_IE As InternetExplorer / Set o_IE = New InternetExplorer)

Hello !

I have a project controlling IE. So far it works fine.
Now I want to add a second instance (or even several).

I was wondering if I can put them all into an array (and how).

Thank you for any idea !

Dim test(3) As String; <- works
Dim WithEvents o_IE As InternetExplorer;<- works too
Dim WithEvents o_IEarray(3) As InternetExplorer ,<- does not (syntax error, expecting AS)

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Should be:
Dim o_IEarray(3) As InternetExplorer

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Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)Commented:
If you have an array of InternetExplorer's, don't use WithEvents, but add your event handlers with AddHandler.

Also, I would use a generic list, of type InternetExplorer....

        Dim IEList As New List(Of InternetExplorer)
        Dim IE As InternetExplorer '= however you get the IE object
        AddHandler IE.DocumentComplete, AddressOf IE_DocumentComplete

...where IE_DocumentComplete is the routine to handle the DocumentComplete event of the IE object.

Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)Commented:
sorry, just realised your are using VB6. Ignore my comment above.
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DistributedServicesAuthor Commented:
Hi elimesika !

Of cause that work's but how do I get the events?

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DistributedServicesAuthor Commented:
Thank you, elimesika, for your help about raising events in VB6.

On I did not find, how to receive an event (normally a function is been called when an event raises).  

Do you have any idea how to dim an array of browsers with events, like

Dim WithEvents o_IEarray(3) As InternetExplorer

Sorry for the delay (have lot of work to do), will look at it ASAP...
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