How I can delete window title from my application?

I'm new to C++ and programming, I've background for php and perl but started to write some C++ codes. I'm trying to make a window title become untitle i mean window icon should stay there but window name must be deleted.
I need it to because I'm injecting a dll to one of old game and need to delete its window title.
Justin Uberti
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ErburethConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using plain Windows API, you need to obtain handle of the window you want to edit, then you can call SetWindowText, which is in user32.dll (you can use #include <Windows.h>)
here is the function prototype

BOOL SetWindowText (
  HWND hWnd; // handle of a window
  LPCTSTR lpString // new text in a window

See MSDN for more info
Give some spaces in the title property. It will appear as if no title is there.
jubertiAuthor Commented:
Erbureth , thanks i done it after looking it.
Now my only problem is getting parentwindows hwnd i can make it if parent windows title is static thanks for your help and if you know how can i get parent window's hwnd ill be appreciated.
I tried getparentwindow but couldnt succeeded :)
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jubertiAuthor Commented:
macksm, ty for your reply too but it wasn't the thing i was seeking
In order to set/erase any window's text, you first need the window handle. Since you are injecting a DLL, you don't have that one, but only a process handle, ut that's a start. You could basically do the following:
HWND  g_hwnd;
int  g_nFound;
HWND GetHwndFromPID ( DWORD dwProcessId)
 g_hwnd = NULL;
 g_nFound = 0;
 EnumWindows (  FindHwndFromPID,    ( LPARAM) dwProcessId));
 if ( g_hwnd)  // we found one...
      return ( g_hwnd);
 // nothing found :-(
 return (NULL);
    DWORD   dwPID2Find  =   ( DWORD) lParam;
    DWORD   dwPID       =   0;
    if  (   GetWindowThreadProcessId    (   hwnd,   &dwPID))
            if  (   dwPID   ==  dwPID2Find)
                    g_hwnd  =   hwnd;
                    return  (   FALSE);
    return  (   TRUE);
// ...
// ...
// in your DLL:
HWND hWnd = GetHwndFromPID(GetCurrentProcessId());
SetWindowTexy(hWnd,_T("")); // or just "" if compiling ANSI

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jubertiAuthor Commented:
Hello jkr, ty for your example, i do nearly same for static window title name with putting NULL with your example i can do it for parent window title.
Now the main purpose of i'm doing it i need to hide that window from enumwindows but as i noticed now if user searchs for null window title he can attach its program to mine. Now i think i need to seek another thing for doing this.
Between is there a way for completely removing title/window from enumwindows or hiding it?
jubertiAuthor Commented:
Ah my bad sorry, i checked handle of injection it finds explorer.exe and injects ty now the thing does the job i wanted.
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