Company name for consulting company

Hi all,
could you help me brainstorming for ideas for start-up consulting company? Could be something related to technologies and security but does not have to be as keeping options open is not a bad idea too.

I need your help in this very first step of brainstorming to help getting my own ideas to flow so all suggestions are welcome.

Some criteria though:
= short
= relevant to type of business
= memorable

500 points seems to be maximum here if anyone knows how to give more please let me know
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Company names  - quick ideas...

1.  Secon    (obvious merge of security + consulting)
2.  TekSek  Consulting services (again, technology and security)
3.  Vaultek  (Vault + technology)

Hope this helps get the wheels moving...
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
Do you plan on being a sole-proprietor (a one person operation) for a while, or do you plan on expanding, hiring employees and maybe eventually selling the business?

A consulting firm is a bit different than a company that produces a product or resells products.  Consulting businesses, especially start-ups, rely on personal integrity, reputation and referrals far less than they rely on name recognition.  

Using myself an example, I decided to use my name in my business; JD Thompson Media.  I don't plan on hiring full-time employees, but even if I did, it's clear to my clients that I'm the one who is ultimately responsible for the work we do.  But even some of the larger consulting firms use the founders' names; Robert Half International, McKinsey & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Arthur Andersen (now Accenture) and so on.

In the internet security field, trust is everything.  It's probably no coincidence that the two most popular anti-virus software makers, McAfee and Norton, build on the reputaitons of someone's name.

A short techie name might be fine, but I think it's more likely to get you confused with a chip manufacturer or any of the thousands of other little technology companies.  Think "Initech" from the movie Office Space.

If you do go with something short and catchy, I'm more drawn to names that are a bit more unique and either reflect your personality, or alludes to the services you offer.  For example, I've always liked the name of cryptographer Bruce Schnier's firm; Counterpane Internet Security.  It just happens that a "counterpane" is another name for a quilt.  In other words, a variety of components artfully meshed together to keep you covered.  Nice!

Another consideration these days is the domain name.  You can come up with the most brilliant, unique business name, but if you can't secure an appropriate domain for it, you're somewhat out of luck.  Or you're stuck with a long, unweildy domain when short domains are almost always preferable.

I hope this helps.

buetlerAuthor Commented:
top_rung - thanks for ideas

Graphixer - thanks for your thoughts but working in marketing I know all that. I just need the ideas at this point.

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Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
OK then, so what type of business is it?  'Technologies and security' is a bit vague.

If you want to be really generic, like Amazon or Google, try something like word names that are short, familiar, and could apply to anything.  You could also try looking up words in different languages.  Or you could go the 'Beatles' route and take a regular word and apply an unconventional spelling to it.

I would still advise focusing on domain availability.  You don't want to get your heart set on a name only to find it's not available.  Maybe you could browse through a domain auction site like SnapNames to see what's for sale?  Their advanced search will let you narrow them down to shorter domains.
buetlerAuthor Commented:
Graphixer, you are trying to tell me how to do business again when all I asked for is ideas. I know about importance of domain availability, thanks.
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
I'm sorry, but we don't know what your knowledge in this area is?  Maybe you could add some info to your EE profile so we can get an idea of what your experience and background is?

We could also come up with names for hours, but likely it won't help unless we know something about your business and what your goals are.  But if you just want words off the top of my head, how 'bout:


Do those help?

And regarding the domain, I guarantee that anything short and memorable is already taken.  I'm just trying to save you some frustration.  

You may want to go with a longer name just so you can register the acronym.  Something like will soon be available, which is perfect if your company name happens to be National DataBase Consulting or New Diamond Box Company.  But no worries, there are thousands of domains to choose from.  Unfortunately, most of them are lousy.

buetlerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Graphixer, exactly those I need right now
Keep it coming if you can :)
Just an idea..

Sun Colt technologies

"sun colt" is an anagram of "consult". It could make a nice logo; a bright sun and a strong young horse in profile.


Coltsun tech

Pro tech (sounds like "protect"; good for a security image

Pro tek





Proad (protect and advise)


Just a few ideas..
buetlerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Daydreams
ProTek/Protek seems to be very obvious directions as there are millions of companies with this name :)
Didn't think about anagramming 'consult', thanks for ideas
Hi buetler, yes it seems some are taken. They were off the top of my head; some perhaps so obvious as to be taken already. However, is for sale..
Don't choose a domain name with fancy spellings.  

If you have to spell it after you say it for someone to be able to type it in their browser, don't use.

Heres some other resources

buetlerAuthor Commented:
I really wonder why anyone would assume I am stupid enough not to be able to google basics about naming.

Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
"I really wonder why anyone would assume I am stupid enough not to be able to google basics about naming."

Because we know nothing about you, and plenty of people don't know these things, which is why they ask questions here.  Cut us some slack, we're just trying to help.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
"I really wonder why anyone would assume I am stupid enough not to be able to google basics about naming."

Maybe its the arrogancy and rudeness of your answers? Rather than just a quick sharp retort to people who are, after all, trying to help, how about answering their questions and telling us a little about you and the said company?

Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
buetler, you also posted in the original question under 'Author' that you are a "Beginner on this subject."
buetlerAuthor Commented:
>> Because we know nothing about you, and plenty of people don't know these things
Should I update my profile with "I know how to google"? You are giving me some
Yes you may know nothing about me, but have you read my question? Why don't you try answering it instead of giving me the links I have not asked for?

Every time I ask a question here there are hundreds of people who want to share their opinion on things I didn't ask about and rarely someone who just gives an answer to a question I asked.
Considering I paid for this membership to receive answers and not to see that other people know how to use google I find this to be enough of a reason to get pissed off.
buetlerAuthor Commented:
>> buetler, you also posted in the original question under 'Author' that you are a "Beginner on this subject."

Beginner on brainstorming  and comping up with ideas? Yes I am.
Knowing all the theory about naming a company and googling? No I am not.
Every time I ask a question here there are hundreds of people who want to share their opinion on things I didn't ask about and rarely someone who just gives an answer to a question I asked.Considering I paid for this membership to receive answers and not to see that other people know how to use google I find this to be enough of a reason to get pissed off.

Awww...  I think someone needs a hug

Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
I'm sorry you've had bad experiences getting your questions answered in the past.  We don't get paid anything for volunteering our assistance.  Try to keep that in mind with your posts.  You are free to disregard answers that aren't helpful.  

The first several posts in this thread had nothing to do with Google searches, but external resources are considered legitimate answers to many questions.  Often the question/answer process takes turns in unexpected ways, so it is also legitimate to explore other approaches.  Perhaps a short and memorable name is not what you need at all?  It didn't work so well for Flooz, or eToys.

I asked a number of questions to help clarify your request.  While initial brainstorming can cast a fairly wide net, ideas often still need to follow a series of parameters, otherwise we may as well throw a dart at a dictionary and see which words it pierces.  Then again, maybe a dart is a good approach for you?  I don't know.

In my opinion, asking that the names be "relevant to type of business" yet "technologies and security but does not have to be" casts too wide a net.  We need more narrow parameters, or the ability to explore other solutions without being chastised.  Please help us to help you.

Another question: will you be reliant on advertising or word-of-mouth / networking to acquire business?  Again, a domain name is a major consideration, otherwise you've spent considerable time and effort into narrowing down a name only to get stuck with a cumbersome or ineffective URL.
buetlerAuthor Commented:
I understand your point but I also realize you won't be doing a job making up a good name for me that's why all I asked for was ideas of the top of your head and nothing else.

Here is info about the company:

I understand that your answers here are not paid and that is exactly where the whole thing gets wrong.
By the way, you are welcome to try your suggestions on the web site provided.
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
Forget this EE stuff, I'm going over to NameThis and make some money!  :-)  Just kidding know I love you the most!

The description you posted there is exactly what I was looking for.  After reading it, the first thing that came to mind was:

Acumen (or Acumen Security)

: keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters

For people who don't know the definition, it has the added bonus of alluding to 'accurate men'.

Other ideas:

Cognizant Communications (alliterative - could also be Cognizant Security)

Out of necessity, you may need to tack on 'Security', 'Consulting' or another word of this sort to any of these words.  I also go back to acronyms as a good solution.  ASC (Aware Security Consulting) would be unique, plays as an alternate spelling of 'ask' - and you may be able to purchase the domain from the current holder.

Best of luck!

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buetlerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Graphixer
I like Acumen a lot too bad other people seem to like it too (far too many results).
Thanks again for ideas

So are you the "Consulting Company" looking for the name or are you just looking to post the ideas on the site you provided?  

Sorry, just want to be clear on this.

buetlerAuthor Commented:
top_rung, sorry I don't understand your question, could you rephrase?
You cannot post the ideas on the site I provided, the contest is closed.

Sorry, it has been a crazy week.  What I was asking was - are you with the consulting company that is looking for the name, or are/were you looking for ideas so that you could post them on the other site and potential get some $$.  I think since the other site thread is closed, that answers the question.


buetlerAuthor Commented:
waw, top_rung, that would be very low.
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
Thanks for the points!  I'm sure we're all dying to know...what name did you decide to go with?
buetlerAuthor Commented:
Hi Graphixer,
we have not decided yet, still struggling :) Unfortunately none of the names suggested at NameThis made it to top 5, by the way.
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