Duplicate emails in Outlook since installing BES


I have a similar question up elsewhere on the forums covering two issues which I initally thought were linked so apologies if you've seen this elsewhere. I've now posted separaetly as think they are distinct issues.

Basically we recently installed a BES, 4.1.6 mr 5 and one of our users who has been provided with a Blackberry has reported that he's receiving duplicates of some emails. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to why the duplicates are occuring i.e. different senders, different domains, different recipients, different subject lines etc. I've disabled all but a few rules and of those that are running they are set to stop processing once completed and don't seem to be applying to the affected messages.

We've also traced the emails and only one email is going through the exchange box so the duplication isn't happening at the senders end. Also whilst the duplicate emails are appearing in Outlook they are not appearing on the Blackberry.

Now I'm not sure what else I should be looking for, any advice would be much appreciated.

Also the rest of our setup is as follows Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2, Outlook 2003 SP3 running in non cached mode.

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Try this
Open user outlook profile and Backup outlook rules if any > Close outlook run outlook.exe /cleanrules and open user outlook profile > Try to reproduce the issue.

SaakarSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
Seems to be an Issue with Temp Tables...

Temp Tables
The Exchange Temp tables are special-purpose subfolders of the SMTP service's logon
to the Message Database. They are used for the creation of the bifurcated messages
in the message categorizer, and as temporary storage for SendQ-submitted mail
messages if SMTP cannot keep up with the processing of SendQ mail. When the SMTP
service logs in to the Message Database, it forces an enumeration and submission of
mail in the temp tables. Old messages may be found in the temp tables for one of
the following reasons:

" An error occurs each time the particular message is processed. For example, the
Information Store may return a retry-able error when an attempt is made to relay
the message, or the connector to the message destination is unavailable.
" The message was categorized to go to a specific Message Database for local
delivery, but the Message Database is no longer available.
" An unknown or unexpected behavior caused by message damage

How to use MFCMapi to re-create TempTables

# We need to clear out any messages that are in the SMTP Mailbox in the Information
Store. To do this we can use mfcmapi.exe

# Run the MFCMapi utility, click OK on the splash screen, and then perform the
following to logon to the Mailbox Stores SMTP Mailbox.

1. From the Session menu choose Logon and Display Stores.
2. From the MDB, Open menu, select Get Mailbox Table
3. Double-click on SMTP mailbox. Click the plus sign next to the Root Container.
4. Select the TempTable#1 container, and from the Folder menu, select Delete
5. Click to select the box Hard Deletion, and then click OK.

# Close the MFCMapi windows and then restart the SMTP service.
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kambizjAuthor Commented:
Thanks, have tried both tips. Will have to wait and see what happens.

SaakarSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
Are these duplicate emails appearing in OWA as well, or is it limited to Outlook only?
What about the devices themselves, are they showing multiple copies as well??

Check with

Check Cause 4
kambizjAuthor Commented:

Unfortunately another duplicate email has cropped up.

The duplicates appear in Outlook and OWA but not on the Blackberry. I don't think it's cause 4 as Exchange tracking tools are only showing one email being sent.

Any other ideas?
kambizjAuthor Commented:
Actually ignore the previous message. This instance of a duplicate was a a result of the sender sending it out twice. Fingers crossed we don't get anymore
kambizjAuthor Commented:

Just as an update after quite a bit more testing it seems the duplication was linked to the other problem we are having.

Basically the user has his outlook set to attach the original message to replys and forwards. Now when he replies to some messages he gets an error saying the original item is in use in another window and does he want to make a copy. Sometime when he clicks yes a duplicate is created.

We're going to concentrate on why the first issue is happening and whether there is a solution to that, i.e. maybe just not allowing attaching the original message as an attachment, as we've had no problems with that.

Thanks for your help


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