gmail mx records for a subdomain using cpanel

I have a client that needs to test their gmail email services via their cpanel account.  i need it setup with subdomain

Currently it's setup like this: 14400 MX 0
gmail  14400 MX 1
gmail  14400 MX 5

Do I need to setup a separate gmail cname or A record to get htis to work?  It seems setting up a subdomain for testing gmail is much more difficult than just setting up the domain name for gmail.

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jfromanskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
  1. Your clients owns a domain, say
  2. They are using addresses like
  3. They want to send/receive e-mails using gmail
  4. They talk to google and google said "it is possible, let's test it"
  5. You create MX record in like
    gmai MX
Now add NS record(s) to
             gmail NS

Google will configure all on their side. And now if somebody sends an e-mail to, then somebody's mail server will see, that this e-mail should be sent to Google will know where to store e-mail and John Client will found it in his gmail box.

Sorry, it's a bit confusing. If you want to use gmail, then configure e-mail clients for gmail. There is no need to setup domain for gmail, it's here already, in any dns
allwebnowAuthor Commented:
they want to eventually use their own domain with google mail.  So now they're just testing and to do so google told them to setup a subdomain to test with.  This way eventually all of their domain email will filter to gmail interface I'm guessing.  Their website is hosted with me, but they want their email to go through google.  make sense?
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