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Asterisk sound file format error

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Last Modified: 2013-11-12

  My primary Asterisk server is currently running on Ubuntu, in a 64 bit environment.

I am currently testing Asterisk on a second box, which is loaded with Centos, in a 32 bit environment.

I copied over all of my voice mail files, i.e. unavailable message greetings and the actual voice mail messages themselves, over to the Centos box, so the environment would be duplicated.

For some reason when Asterisk tries to play these files, I get an error in the CLI, and then a busy signal, as it is unable to play the WAV file.  Here is the message in the CLI

[Jul  5 13:56:48] WARNING[24266]: format_wav.c:140 check_header: Not a wav file 49
[Jul  5 13:56:48] WARNING[24266]: file.c:379 fn_wrapper: Unable to open format wav

- Now if I record new messages on the Centos box, it has no problem playing back those native recorded WAV files.

-  Both boxes are running asterisk ..

-  My end goal is to be running Centos 64 bit on the primary server, and Centos 32 bit on the other box, and be able to back up the voicemail files etc, from the primary to the secondary server, and have everything be functional on the secondary as it is on the primary.  So far everything else about Asterisk seems to run fine with the settings from the primary, the only problem being these voicemail WAV files.  

Any ideas why this is happening?
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When you copied over the wav files did you chown them to the asterisk/asterisk user?  Might be a permission issue.

If that isnt the case,  does the .wav file play OK on a pc?  Maybe its a codec issue?
Also, asterisk (unless its been fixed) behaves funny if the file has a capital extension.  


The files play fine everywhere else.  The file even plays fine on the Linux box that asterisk is running on... weird..I did not chown the file though.
My guess is chowning the file will fix the issue then.


Also I noticed whenever asterisk saves the sound files, it makes 2 copies, one with extension WAV and another one with lowercase wav.... the lowercase is usually larger, but both have the same audio.... not sure why that is.
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so then it sounds like it is only trying to read the lowercase wav, and skipping the WAV...Why would it do that if both have the same permissions?
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Did you try chowning the files?  The two files is the default nature of asterisk, and I do not believe it to be the problem in this case.


I removed the small wav, and and left the WAV, and that solved the issue.  Let me check the voicemail.conf .. Thanks three7six ....

I have another question open here, if you want to check that one out...

OR, the issue could be when the files were copied over they lost the .WAV for wav49 and .wav extensions.  If a standard .wav encoded voicemail file has an extension of .WAV,  asterisk is going to try to play it as a wav49.  If chowning doesnt fix it,  make sure your file extensions are correctly capitalized and not capitalized, depending on the file format.


chown tells me asterisk is an invalid user.... I don;t know but if copying out the wav fixes the issue, that is fine with me.... this is just a backup server anyway...

check out this question if you get a chance.. .thanks

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