Sybase, connecting with Isql failed but not from Interactive sql

I'm trying to connect to sybase from Isql and it keep returned me error below: But this will not be the case when connected using Interactive SQL or Sybase central, any hints ?

C:\sybase\OCS-15_0\bin>isql -SKTRW2004,5000 -UKRY12
        ct_connect(): directory service layer: internal directory control layer error: Requested server name not found.


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try removing the port number from the command.

isql -SKTRW2004 -UKRY12

let me know if it works!
Remove the port number in the system number.

Still if it is not working .Check the interface file in your Unix machine.
the interfaces file provides UNIX clients and servers connectivity information about a Sybase server.

It provides two main functions, from the server point of view it provides the means to start network listeners upon server boot, if it can't resolve the information in the interfaces file the server will fail to start. As far as the client is concerned the file provides client programs, isql, bcp etc. with connection information to the server.
Please go through the below link for step to step process.
Let me know if any information required.
Thanks Arun P

The interfaces file (actually, sql.ini, since he is on Windoze) has nothing to do with it.  If sql.ini was incorrect, Interactive SQL would not be able to connect.


You need the Utility Reference Manual for isql.  There are many helpful options in addition to -S and -U, not to mention the arguments expected for -S and -U.



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motioneyeAuthor Commented:
Still not able to logon, buit giving me different error msgs.

C:\sybase\OCS-15_0\bin>isql -SKTRW2004 -UKRY12
        ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed

That error usually means the login of password was incorrect.  Can you confirm (from your successful Interactive SQL connetion) that your have:
- Interactive SQL connetion running from the same directory (confirms your sql.ini file is accessible from there, and it is valid)
- an ASE server called KTRW2004
- a vliad unlocked login KRY12
- you entered the correct password for KRY12


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