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Unable to save workspace in Excel 2007 without SharePoint

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I am trying to save the layout and organizing of my current open workbooks by using the "Save Workspace" function under VIEW-Window.
I receive the followign error message: "This extension can not be used with the selected file type. Change the file extension in the File name text box or select a different file type by changing the Save as type".

In Outlook 2003 you could have for isntance 3 files open and you could save the workspace. Next time, when you clinck on the workspace file (.xlw) it would open the 3 different workbooks the way you left the organized.
In excel 2007 I receive the error message stated above. All info found untill now refers to SharePoint which is not being used here. I cannot believe that with 2007 you can only save workspaces on sharepoint and not locally anymore.

Does anybody know a way to save xlw files locally with excel 2007?

Thanks in advance.
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When you attempt to save the workspace, are each of the open documents already saved?

By that I mean, are you attempting to save a workspace with an open (unsaved) document as part of the set?

The error message you're getting is typically encountered by VBA code from pre-2007 days that is trying to save a document, or when you attempt to save a document as the wrong file extension.  Excel 2007 has several new extensions.  (XLSW, XLSA, XLSM, ...)

Can you report the names/types/extensions of each of the workbooks you are intending to have as part of your saved workspace?

Brian Withun
I am having the same problem as CCBelux.

In my case, all of the documents are .xlsx and they are all saved.

IE  all documents exist in a folder, I open them all and arrange the windows as desired, then when I attempt to save the workspace as I did in Office 2003. (.xlw) also for kicks tried (.xlwx) I get:

"This extension can not be used with the selected file type. Change the file extension in the File name text box or select a different file type by changing the Save as type"

I will have to get to that machine to report on the add-ins.
OK, I was able to go in and disable all add-ins.

No joy.  Same error message as above.
I just tried saving them back in 2003 format .xls.

Same result.


Dear expert,

Both of the excel files are already saved locally and have the extension .xlsx.
I have tried it with 2 files with the old extension .xls but the result is the same.

If I want to save the workspace it only allows me to select .xlw as extension wheater I use 2003 or 2007 version documents.

The only active addin is from SnagIt but it makes no difference when it is disabled.
I have read that re-applying Office SP2 will correct this problem.  I will attempt to validate this tomorrow.


Wayne, any luck so far?
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Great, that leaves me with finding out which package exactly gets this issue resolved. I can not yet install office SP2 since it is not validated yet within our company.


Thanks for finding out.
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