Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 mailbox move

Moving a exchange 2003 mailbox to exchange 2007
Error occured in the step: opening source mailbox. Failed to open mailbox with error: an unknow error has occurred. error code -1056749262
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Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
Are you using exchange 2007 mailbox move wizard?
Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
Use the Move-Mailbox cmdlet or the Move Mailbox wizard in Exchange 2007
benchan888Author Commented:
I am using the move mailbox wizard on 2007
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benchan888Author Commented:
Even using the exchange shell gets the dame error when moving exchange 2003 mailbox to 2007
Are other mailboxes on the same 2003 store being successfully moved? There could be an issue with the store that the mailbox reside on. Maybe move to an alternate 2003 store then move to 2007.
benchan888Author Commented:
I only have 1 2003 store. All mailboxes has problem moving. I have aslo created. Dummy account and has
problems moving.
Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
Did you verify the permissions of the admin account (which you are using for move) on mailbox and user account?
Are the servers both 2003 and 2007 in same domain?
Are you able to ping the servers each other with FQDN and host name?
Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
Also paste the errors which you have in event viewer
aslamsurveProject ManagerCommented:
#Download the Exchange Best Practice Analyzer 2.8 & install it from the following link....
#Run the Exchange Best Practice Analyzer on the Exchange 2003 server & let me know the output also attach it as a file in the format
#Check in the EXBPA if you get any permissions block on the Exchange server or mailbox store on the Exchange 2003 server
#Check the LegacyExchangeDN of the system attendant mailbox by downloading the Windows support
tools from the following link...
#Download both the files & suptools.msi  on the desktop location of the Exchange 2003 server
#Double click suptools.msi  & install the windows support tools
#Click Start=>Program=>Windows support tools>Command-prompt
#Type adsiedit.msc in the Command Prompt
#Browse through CN=Microsoft System Attendant Container in ADSIedit.msc as follows

CN=Microsoft System Attendant,CN=Exchange 2003 server name,CN=Servers,CN=Administrative
Group name ,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Exchange Organization Name,CN=Microsoft
Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domain name,DC=com

The correct LegacyExchangeDN attribute value should look like this /o=Organization Name/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=Exchange 2003 server name/cn=Microsoft
System Attendant

Also check the legacyExchangeDN for the system attendant mail for exchange 2007
CN=Microsoft System Attendant,CN=Exchange 2007 server name,CN=Servers,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT) ,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Exchange Organization Name,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domain name,DC=com

/o=Organization Name/ou=Exchange Administrative Group /cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=Exchange 2003 server name/cn=Microsoft System Attendant

Let me know about these findings.....................

aslamsurveProject ManagerCommented:
#Also Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem in Exchange 2003 server with Value name: Disable MAPI Clients if it present take a backup of the key & delete it in reference to

Please provide the error event id's while moving the mailboxes using the Exchange Management Console on the Exchange 2007 server along with the description...

#Using ADSIEdit.msc check the LegacyExchangeDN attribute the active directory account of whose the mailbox failed it should be as follows /o=Exchange Organization Name/ou=Administrative Group Name/cn=Recipients/cn=display name

Additional Information:
When you move mailbox - the System Attendant has to log into its mailbox first.
When it does this, the Store uses the legacyExchangeDN value to retrieve the object
from the Active Directory in order to get some specific informatin such as its
objectGUID and the objectGUID for its HomeMDB so it can log into its mailbox.

benchan888Author Commented:
Error in event log when moving
benchan888Author Commented:
confirmed the value LegacyExchange DN in both exchange 2003 and exchange 2007

Both servers arein the same domain and i am able to ping FQDN and hostname
benchan888Author Commented:
Error when moving mailbox
Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
Does the account which you are using have Exchange full administrator rights on exchange 2003 server? (Check the same in Exchange administration delegation tab)

Also it should have full rights on the AD account of user or add this admin account to Account Operators group.

Do you have a firewall between these servers? Check TCPView to check if any ports are blocked.
benchan888Author Commented:
What ports need to open between each server. Also exchange has full admin rights to both exchange server
Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
An RPC connection must be made between these servers. If network ports are blocked between these systems, the MAPI connection wont work. Similarly, if there is high latency or poor bandwidth availability in the network connections between these systems, this will also lead to poor mailbox move performance or failed moves.

If you have a firewall, try "allow all" ports between this servers and move the mailbox for testing.
aslamsurveProject ManagerCommented:
#Check if the Routing Group Connector is present between both the exchange servers & if you create a new mailbox on the Exchange 2007 server & if you are able to send/receive mails between mailboxes on the Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2007 server

#Dismount the mailbox store through Exchange System Manager

#Open a command-prompt & naviagte to the C:\Program Files\Exhsrvr\bin folder or a directory to which exchange was installed

#Run isinteg -s "name of exchange server" -fix -test alltests & run it three times which describes what is ISINTEG
Note:If you get no. of warnings & fixes that means there is logical corruption of the mailbox store

#Mount the mailbox store from Exchange System Manager & then try to move the mailbox using the Exchange Management Console


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