statement inserts 2 DB records instead of 1

The below code demonstrates the way I am uploading a file to my webserver, and attempting to AFTER upload perform a simple INSERT statement into my SQL database table.  Now, this routine works good except for the fact I am getting (2) rows added to the database instead of just one.  The file DOES upload, and the INSERT does occur, just inserts 2 records instead of one.  What am I doing wrong?
Dim filepath As String = fileUpEx.PostedFile.FileName
        Dim pat As String = "\\(?:.+)\\(.+)\.(.+)"
        Dim r As Regex = New Regex(pat)
        Dim m As Match = r.Match(filepath)
        Dim file_ext As String = m.Groups(2).Captures(0).ToString()
        Dim filename As String = m.Groups(1).Captures(0).ToString()
        Dim file As String = filename & "." & file_ext
        fileUpEx.PostedFile.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("\productimages\") & file)
        lblStatus.Text = file
        Dim connect As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection
        connect.ConnectionString = "<MY CONNECTION>"
        Dim strSQLInsert As String
        strSQLInsert = "INSERT INTO Products_Images(ProductID,FileName) values ("
        strSQLInsert = strSQLInsert & "'" & Trim(Request.QueryString("ProductID")) & "',"
        strSQLInsert = strSQLInsert & "'" & Trim(file) & "')"
        Dim command1 As New SqlCommand(strSQLInsert, connect)
            connect = Nothing
        End Try

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ur function is being called twice .. it may be due to page post back

debug using bookmarks

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Whats the name of function where this code appears / is written?
chrisryhalAuthor Commented:
Its a button click
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So just check whether  a button click on HTML side has something like OnClick event and on code side do you have something like Button1_Click  ..... Handles Event Name (where you have a button Click event written)?

If you both mentioned remove anyone of them while keeping the second one in-tact

Hope this helps you!

chrisryhal, is your problem solved?
please reply
chrisryhalAuthor Commented:
It was a little of both.  The onclick event was there and also the postback error so I split the points.  Thanks for the pointers
most welcome...!
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