AS3 preloader loading but not showing...

Hello, I've put a preloader in my AS3 flash document that I use normally and works fine.  In this document however the preloader doesn't show.  It preloads okay and the document works fine so I'm pretty confused... hope you can help!  Here's my FLA:
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wal_toorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Wheels,

For some strange reason flash loads everything before even showing the loading bar. I have checked that there are no movieclips set on 'export on first frame'.

But I got it working. I inserted an emtpy frame before all other frames and moved the preloader to frame number one. Now it works.

Download file:

good luck and greetz,
Hello wheels

Can you save your .fla as a CS3 file?

wheelsfalloffbandwagonsAuthor Commented:
Hello Walter, please see the new link: - Cheers!
wheelsfalloffbandwagonsAuthor Commented:
Thought I was going mad!!! Silly Flash, thanks a million Walter! :]
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