Backlight failure once lid is closed

Hey guys,

got a Fujitsu P7010, 10", the machine works fine until i close the lid and reopen the backlight goes off. You can the see the display but very faintly. Sometimes i can close the lid halfway and the backlight goes off. I've checked the power managements and no setting for it to go into standby.

The only way to get in back is to power off and then power on again. So my question is it the inverter or the actually backlight lamp?

I;ve checked in safemode to see if it was a driver issue but still the same issue occurs so defo not a driver problem.

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Perhaps it is a loose connection that is triggered when you move the lid?

You said you can recreate the issue when it is half closed. If you leave the lid at that point and restart does the problem correct itself or does it continue to be a non-working backlight?
It sounds like a loose wire. If you able, open it up and check how well the monitor cables are connected.

Here is a disassembly guide:

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Peter HartCommented:
on my laptop I can configure it to ignore the lid being closed - this may stop the problme for now.
but it sounds like a it recieves a signal to switch off the screen  but not to switch it on - it is was a hard fualt (ie. invertor) it would always be faulty - it may be a dirty connection instead of a loose wire.
I wouldn't do this but .... you could try some switch cleaner spray if you could find the switch.
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igal14Author Commented:
could it be a sensor issue? and does anyone know where its located? plmrest or motherboard?
Sorry Mike. i did a bit of digging around and was not able to find a service manual that would mention the location of such a device. I also wasn't able to find any forums that spoke of it either.

Have you been able to make any progress with suggestions that had been given?
I don't want to be arrogant but that kind of problem solving is pure nonsense and time wasting.
Could it be this? Could it be that? What if it is something else?  
Open it and CHECK!

The sensor you are talking about is called a "hinge switch", and if at least you would have opened the disassembly guide I attached in my first post and actually read it, you would have found that at the step number 24 it is said " 
 24.  Remove 1 screw from the hinge
switch, remove the tape from the
status LED cable and lift them out.

Anyway, I consider further discussion to be pointless as Author does not provide any feed back and only makes wild guesses and speculates regarding the possible causes of  the problem without making any attempt to fix the issue.
I withdraw myself.

Eikroman that is a perfect guide. I am sorry I did not look at it earlier it would have saved me time searching for the service manuals. ;) I believe that should answer any questions as to how to get things apart and where parts are located. Now it is just a matter of finding the faulty part. I think that the hing switch or a loose cable is a good place to start.
Peter HartCommented:
" don't want to be arrogant "... yeah right..just a bit...
@Eikroman - bad day at the office?  your rant has probably frightened the author off.
why not answer his questions instead of redirecting him?
"where is the sensor ?" - since you have read the manual.... you could add some value by answering the question instead ofproviding a link where to look.
igal14Author Commented:
thanks guys for responding back especially Eikroman not sure who took the jam out of his donut, but i will give it a try i've just been bogged down with work.
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