Cannot access my contacs from the "to" box, in the email window

We are running an exchange server 2003. The contact list that I crate from within outlook gets saved on the exchange server.

When I open up a new mail-window and click the "to"-box I am only able to see contacts in the global catalog list, and nothing in the "contact"-list from the drop down menu. But when you go directly to the contacs tab, (in the left lower corner), there are lots of contacts there. So why arent these turning up when used with the "to"-box?

BUT, the strange thing is that if I create a new contact from the contact tab, the contact turns up when used with the to-box. So it seems to be that the old contacts are not showing up. This might have something to do with that they were created a long time ago, in either office 2003 or earlier. Perhaps there is some incompatibility issue?

I have surfed around the net in search of answers, without much help. I can mention though that the adressbooks is listed in the "file > Data management > adressbooks" (not sure of the exact names, as I use a swedish version).
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Right-click on your local contacts and to go properties. Then click on the "Outlook Address Book" tab. In here you want to check off "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" and then click OK.

Now compose a new email and click on the TO, click on the Address Book drop down menu and select the name of your local Address Book. You should now be able to see them.

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Are you able to select the contacts using address book dropdown menu?
Is the address book settings in outlook is correct?
andre_stAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick reply "simsjrg" - I did as you suggested, but the problem still remains. The contacts were allready setup to "show this folder as an e-mail address book". I tried disabling it, and enabling it again - but the only contacts I can see is the ones I created just now for the sake of testing. None of the "old" ones turn up.
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andre_stAuthor Commented:
Subsun - the settings you showed in the images are correct on the computer. I am not sure though how to reach the settings in the second screenshot, ( I am using Outlook 2007), but I dont believe the "order" of the adress books is causing this?
"andre_st", to get to the Address Book in 2K7, open up the Address Book (a book icon). Then, go to Tools -> Options to open up the above pic "subsun" posted. From that window, try adding the Contact List and/or Address Book. Then use the up/down arrows to arrange in the order you prefer.

andre_stAuthor Commented:
Coolsport00 - I found the settings window you mentioned, and changed the order list back and forth - the problem still remains. I.E. only "newly" created contacts turn up. There are still plenty of old contacts that simply dont turn up.
You can find it on Outlook > Tools > address book > in new window - tools > option.
Try this
Also You can try by exporting the contact to a PST file and importing back to contact folder.
Also just create a new outlook profile and try..
andre_stAuthor Commented:
simsjrg och subsun

Thanks for your help guys! It turned out to be a bit of mix of problems. After reading the "" suggested by Subsun I took a closer look at which contacts who were not showing up. Many of them were in a folder called adresses, and this folder was not checked off to "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book". And also many of the contacts in the "contacts" folder were actually lacking email adresses or faxnumbers. So after fixing these issues they adresses no turn up!
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