Making C Drive visible to an application accessed via Terminal Services 2008

Hi Folks,
We have an application which we are accessing using RDC or TS Web Access.
Most of the modules in the application runs OK, except one which requires C: drive to be visible. On the termnal server, the C drive is hidden (I don't know if this is a standard configuration for all TS) or if it would be possible to make the C: drive visible for particular remote  users who require this module.  
the error message says something to the effect that " Incorrect connect.ini file:sims processes exception."

However, if we log on to the Terninal Server locally or any of the other clients locally and run this module, it launches without any exception error.
I suspect making the C drive visible to the application would solve the issue but someone might know a better way to handle this.
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-Q-Connect With a Mentor Commented:

This is not a standard Terminal Server setting as a default.

There are two options that exist in group policy (one of which is activated).
i. Hide the following drive letters.
ii. Prevent access to the following drive letters.

Try going to Start -> Run then type in c: and press enter. If you can access the hard disk of the terminal server then you prob have the first option. Having the second option could potentially be blocking something for you. Just update the poilcy and force an update and see how you go.
Cláudio RodriguesConnect With a Mentor Founder and CEOCommented:
Exactly as mentioned. One thing is hiding, the other is preventing access. What do you have exactly? This is normally set in a group policy. Look for NoDrives. Explained here:

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
GospodinRasputinAuthor Commented:
I have decided to give up on fixing the issue caused by the inavaiabilty of C drive as making C: drive available to users is clearly not an option that I wish to allow.
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