the directory service failed to replicate off changes made locally. Removal of AD role on 2000 server

Hi guys,

Im trying to remove the Role of DC from one of our 2000 application servers however it wont let me. Its giving the error "the directory service failed to replicate off changes made locally, An error with no description has occurred"

MS KB states 263624 states that its a problem with DNS but the DNS server is a 2003 server which all seems ok. I have set the DNS server address for the 2000 server to the 2003 server.

There are a total of 3 DC's on the network. I am removing the role as the server will be de-comissioned in a few months. I dont think its a DNS problem as it all seems to be functioning correctly and both servers are registered correctly in DNS. This has to be one of the most stupidest errors i have seen.

Can anyone shed any light on this subject please.


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DatedmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This server holds no roles?  (PDC Emulator, Schema Master, etc.)

Have you looked at MS KB 332199?
HousingSolutionsAuthor Commented:
The server is a domain controller. I wanted to avoid doing a force removal. Is it necessary to demote the server before decomission?
HousingSolutionsAuthor Commented:
can anyone please shed any light on this issue. also we are running in mixed mode.
HousingSolutionsAuthor Commented:
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