Making Custom Schema Attribute Visible In DSA.MSC

After i add new attribute in schema and link them to user class how do i make them visible in dsa.msc ? I can see those attributes in LDP and ADSIEDIT, but not in dsa.msc.Can some one help ??
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bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
Hi there,

For you to make a custom attribute visible in ADUC, you can create a context menu option which runs a vbscript. For example, when you right click a user, a menu option appears, say 'Edit CustomAttribute'. This then runs a vbscript which populates an input box with the value.

The following article explains how to link a script to a right-click menu for a user. You can modify the script to display/edit your user attribute.

Give me a shout if you need help modifying this for your needs. And sure I don't need to say this, but be careful in ADSIEDIT! :-)
Neo_78Author Commented:
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your feedback. But this solution does not help much.

bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
Well, actually it does.

You need to modify the script in the article to display your custom attribute in ADUC, as you asked for. If you need help with the script, let me know the attribute and I'll provide one.

You can't get the attribute to display natively in the ADUC mmc because you would need to re-code the DLLs. Using a custom option on a context menu is as good as it gets I'm afraid. Apart from that, your option would be to develop your own form in VB/C# which accesses AD for the info.

If you could be a bit more descriptive about what you need exactly we might be able to help further.
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Neo_78Author Commented:
Hi Tony,

I have used the "":  Adding the Attributes to the Class. I have added 4 new attribute to user class. Now I want these attribute to be visible at DSA.MSC Console. So I would require how to program the dll so that these 4 attributes are visible in dsa.msc console. the Attributes addes are "TMDManager","TMDSales","TMDGrade" and so on.....

So basically after doing this when i open up dsa.msc and go for user prpperty then i should be able to see this Attributes. For this as u said the dll file needs to be modified is correct but as i am not a programmer i dont know what do do exactly. So i require the steps for the same.

Hope i am clear now.

Thanks again tony !!

bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
Hi Neo,

What I'm saying is, is that getting your own property page to display in ADUC is pretty advanced stuff. I would not claim to have done this myself. You will need to be versed in either C++ or VB and COM programming.

If you want to look into it:

Apart from that, the easy thing is to create a context menu as I stated earlier. Or if you have a Server 2008 / Vista or Win 7 box, the version of ADUC which runs on these includes and attribute editor tab which enabled you to view all attributes in a list (it's basically the same as the attribute editor in ADSIEDIT).

If you havent raised your domain functional level to 2008 you have to make a few changes to the configuration naming context to make the tab visible in ADUC.

See here:

Failing that, if you really want to put on your coding hat, then I would post this question in a programming zone to get experts in this field.


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Neo_78Author Commented:
Thanks Tony !!

But It would be great if the code can be obtained.

bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
I would suggest you post a question in the relevant programming zone so someone there can help you write it.


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