IE8 - modules not showing up

Here is the url to live site: 

In IE8, the 4 modules on front page are not showing up.

Possibly a Java/Mootools issue as these modules use that?

The modules in question are 4 copies of mod_ja_slwi  by

Unforunately my account have expired some time ago and I no longer have access to the forums
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Anti-MhzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
yes this has been solved via wonder joomla ie8 plugin that add the required line in a form of a meta tag.
The modules seem to be showing up, but are a little slower to appear.  This could be to do with the fact you are emulating IE7 to make them appear.

Good it is a shame we have to code this line sometimes
Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
id love to solve my issue, but all i was looking for is a quick fix to company site so in this case i guess its fine. any other name , its a perfomance reducer
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