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MFC SIP keyboard causing a redraw - what am I missing?

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
This is a Windows Mobile app.

I have a screen that has a textbox at the top. The text box is for typing search strings. Through the SETFOCUS and KILLFOCUS events, I have implemented a "zoom" feature. When the user clicks in the box or otherwise starts typing while on this screen, the box zooms to triple size/font, and then returns to original size when user clicks out of the edit box or another event happens that causes the edit to lose focus.

Everything works well, except for one case: toggling the SIP keyboard causes the edit to be redrawn and it is redrawing with the original dimensions rather than the zoomed dimensions. When this happens, the font is still the zoomed size, but the edit is the original size and the only way to "clear" the problem is to tap out of the editbox (to kill focus) and then tap back in.

So it is not losing focus when this happens, but apparently my way of modifying the size is missing something.

// On Focus - zooms
      CRect rc(0,0,0,0);
      searchVal.SetWindowPos(NULL, 0, 0, rc.Width(), rc.Height()*2 - SCALEX(5), SWP_NOMOVE|SWP_NOZORDER);
      searchVal.SetFont(&theApp.largeFont, 1);

// Kill focus, unzooms to original
      CRect rc(0,0,0,0);
      searchVal.SetWindowPos(NULL, 0, 0, rc.Width(), (rc.Height()+SCALEX(5))/2, SWP_NOMOVE|SWP_NOZORDER);
      searchVal.SetFont(&theApp.smallFont, 1);

Can anyone spot what I am missing?
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look into the following messages for the dialog :

        case WM_ACTIVATE:
            // Notify shell of our activate message
            SHHandleWMActivate(hWnd, wParam, lParam, &s_sai, FALSE);
        case WM_SETTINGCHANGE:
            SHHandleWMSettingChange(hWnd, wParam, lParam, &s_sai);

when SIP is on/off, your windows receives one of those (settings change most probably). I remember overriding WM_SETTINGCHAGE [basically doing nothing there].
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1) How can I do this with the MFC message map?

2) I don't quite follow here. The SIP activate/deactivate is triggering a component to redraw with its original dimensions, but it is not triggering a focus event. So with your suggestion, what should I do with those messages? Ignore them? Are you saying that possibly the dialog is redrawing on this event? If so, why would it use the original component dimensions.
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Ok, I am getting the general idea. So can I ask, why can't I just handle an ON_SIZE event for the component so I can draw it in its current "zoomed" state?

well, you could try, though I'm not sure it will work as you want, but maybe I didn't get to the bottom of the things :)
I'm not even sure you'll get WM_SIZE in such case, but this you can easily check with Spy++.
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Ok I put the handler in for WM_SETTINGCHANGE and I did not put the if(uFlags == 224), I only overrode the handler to call the base CWnd:: handler. This solved my problem! Now when I toggle the SIP, the zoomed window keeps its position.

So first, thanks! I will close the question.

But, I surely would like to understand the root cause. What is actually happening here? I assume searchVal.SetWindowPos() is not a permanent thing, and the the ONSIZE event (is that the event?) is causing the form to redraw with original settings from the resource file?
well, you have your controls defined in the dialog template, and God knows how MFC does a redraw :)

I think you can use Spy++ to observe what messages it receives
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I don't understand the issue fully, but this solved my problem. Thanks.
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