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setup a network environment with VMware Workstation 6.5

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
Hello Experts
I am currently setting up a network environment with wmware workstation 6.5
It contains a windows 2003 server and windows xp pro station.
My problem is I can not set them up to communicate with each other.(ie. using RDP)
Also I want my own pc to act as a router or default gateway, but not a dhcp server.
The windows server will be the DHCP server.
I also run into some problem setup DNS server on windows 2003 server.
The window xp station can not find any DNS server, therefore it can not get online.
How should I setup vmware and windows server 2003?
Please help
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Make sure you have virtual network cards included and also configured them in the VM itself. Do NOT use bridged networking here (VMWare asks you on configuring the VMWare), this will not work with what you want to do.


so which option should I choose?
NAT, host-only?
I have host-only environment setup right now for both server and workstation.
the server is working fine, but not the workstation.
the workstation could not get DNS server.


the two computers also have problem remote into each other.
I have enabled remote options for both computers, and the server is also a terminal server.
If you want your VMs to have Internet Access, then the only option is bridged mode.
This allows your VMs to be on the same subnet as that of your Host and also use the same DNS Settings.


thanks arunraju
who is going to be the DHCP server if I set them up in bridged mode?
You can set the Windows Server 2003 as the DHCP Server.


But isn't  something else going to be the DHCP server instead of windows server in bridged mode?
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thanks again, the server and workstation are in the same subnet.
I will try it anyway
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