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I need help on a SQL Query. I have 3 specific columns that will be merged into one string in Crystal Reports and they have to be a total length (between the 3) = 75 characters.

My specific coding on these 3 fields:

ISNULL(LEFT(ic.ListName, 25), 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx') AS [Primary Payer] ,
ISNULL(LEFT(ic2.ListName, 25), 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx') AS [Secondary Payer] ,
ISNULL(LEFT(ic3.ListName, 25), 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx') AS [Third Payer]

My issue:

I had a [Primary Payer] = 'Zales' and a [Secondary Payer] = 'Aetna Life and Casualty' and a [Third Payer] = 'United Health Care  SLCit'.

Is it possible to take the LEFT 25 characters and if not equal to a total of 25 characters pad it with blank spaces?
Jeff SAsked:
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you can try to use the space(x) function
maybe something like:

isnull( LEFT(ic.ListName, 25) + substring(space(25),1, 25-LEFT(ic.ListName, 25)), space(25))

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Jeff SAuthor Commented:
I get this back:

Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 50
Syntax error converting the varchar value 'Universal Life' to a column of data type int.
The syntax you posted is in in SQL. So once you have the filed in crystal you can do something like this:
{Table.PrimaryPayer }+Space(25-Len({Table.Primary Payer }))
this should do it.
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The ISNULL function in crystal returns either true if the field is null and false if the field is not, just so we all are clear on that.
In SQL you can also try something like this, discarding the isnull
select .... left(ic.ListName, 25) + space(25 - len(ic.ListName)) .... from ....
Why not just cast your names as char(25)?
SELECT CAST(ISNULL(ic.ListName, '') AS char(25)) + CAST(ISNULL(ic2.ListName, '') AS char(25)) + CAST(ISNULL(ic3.ListName, '') AS char(25))
Another possibility
select isnull(left(ic.ListName, 25) + space(25 - len(ic.ListName)), space(25)) .... from ....

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ralmada fixed it
This works too

SELECT CASE WHEN LEN(ic.ListName) < 25
THEN ic.ListName + REPLACE(SPACE(25 - LEN(ic.ListName)), ' ', 'X')
ELSE ic.ListName END
Jeff SAuthor Commented:
Great tips! Split points to be fair as all helped
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