How to Backup a Cisco 3550 IOS.

I want to copy the IOS off a Cisco 3550 switch to my TFTP Server.  I am trying to copy the "c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-13.EA1a.bin" file to my tftp server.  Below is the output of "show flash" command:  I think it is permission related, because I can copy the vlan.dat file to the tftp server no problem, just not the IOS.  Any Ideas?  Thanks
CR_L3_SW1#show flash
Directory of flash:/
    2  -rwx           0   Jan 01 1970 00:01:15  env_vars
    3  -rwx         341   Jan 01 1970 00:01:15  system_env_vars
    4  -rwx        3253   Mar 13 1993 16:03:28  config.text
    5  -rwx         916   Mar 02 1993 13:15:42  vlan.dat
    7  drwx         192   Mar 01 1993 00:04:13  c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-13.EA1a
   24  -rwx           5   Mar 13 1993 16:03:28  private-config.text

16128000 bytes total (10120192 bytes free)

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The "d" indicates that c3550-i5q312-mz.121-12c.EA1 is a directory, the .bin will be in there.
I believe the permissions you see drwx mean directory read/write/excecute.  In order to copy if off you may need to check the permissions inside the directory or make a copy of it to move out. The actual IOS would be a *.bin file (c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-12.bin).
See example here:  

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As per the other two comments, it is due to "c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-13.EA1a" being a directory

so the following command will do the job

"copy flash:/c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-13.EA1a/c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-13.EA1a.bin tftp"

Crossroads305Author Commented:
The document you provided did the trick.  I was able to copy the IOS to my TFTP Server.  Thanks
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