Oracle forms 6i

Dear Expert,
Iam Developing a form in oracle 6i.
In that form i have a user entry block.
in that form the user is entering itemname,no ,......
And i have kept a commit button for the block.
When the user press the commit button.It has to validate the block.
if any duplicate entry is there it has to show a  alert.
Can anybody please send query for me.
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Is the entry block based on an existing table ?
Has the table a primairy and/or unique key  defined to prevent duplicatie entries ?

If both questions can be answered with yes , you can depend on the default behaviour of  oracle forms and the oracle databases :  the user wil get an error message.
Your job might be to modify the message in a friendly message for your user.

If not both questions can be answered with yes, try to explain in more detail what you want to do:
the when-validate-item, when-validate-record triggers are problaby the ones to use.

daprjoAuthor Commented:
Dear Expert,
If i press the commit button,
it has to loop through the block anf find out the duplicate entries. and show alert that this itemname   has entered for n times.
i hope, you have non-database block,

to show your message, please create an ALERT object with MESSAGE name,

if your blockname is MYBLOCK,
please, write the following code into your button-trigger "WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED"

it is possible for you to improve the following code.


  but varchar2(200);
          insert into <your_table> (a_column, b_cloumn)
          values (:MYBLOCK.a_clm, :MYBLOCK.b_clm);
           when dupvalonindex then
             set_alert_button("MESSAGE",alert_message_text,"write here your message");
             but := show_alert("MESSAGE");

        IF :system.last_record = 'TRUE' THEN
      END IF;
    end loop;

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last comment is ur best aproach to ur solution.
daprjoAuthor Commented:
Dear Expert my block is a database block
and it has no primary key field.
Please help me .

Thanks & Regards,

if your block is a database block and all items of the block are your db table  columns, and if your table does not have a primary key, you can use PRE-INSERT trigger.

Define the PRE-INSERT Trigger on your block.
in the PRE-INSERT trigger, you can check the data exists or not,

-- in the pre-insert trigger,
   cursor c (p_column1 IN VARCHAR2, p_column2 IN VARCHAR2)  is
        select * from <your_table>
        where column1 = p_column1 and column2 = p_column2;
   r c%ROWTYPE;
   open c( :MYBLOCK.a_clm, :MYBLOCK.b_clm);
   fetch c into r;
   if c%FOUND then
             raise form_trigger_failure;  
  end if;
  close c;

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daprjoAuthor Commented:
Dear Expert,

Thanks a lot
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