Novell Groupwise 7 Auto delete problem

Currently our groupwise server is deleting messages after 90 days. This is a setting that was set at one time in our organization. Since then I have removed the settings of the cleanup under the mailbox options of the groupwise postoffice. At this time the settings for the postoffice are as follows.

Mail and Phone - Manual Delete and Archive (unlocked for users to set)
Appointment, Task, and Note - Manual Delete and Archive (unlocked for users to set)
Empty Trash - Manual (unlocked for users to set)

Again at one time these options were set to 90 days/90 days/30 days. Now they are not, but the messages are still being removed after the time period.

I have also inspected individual user accounts and they are all set at manual delete and archive.

Does anyone have an idea of where I can go on this?


Also under the log file for the Groupwise POA under a section labled "Database Maintenance Events" there are two lines that caught my attention.

"Expire Items Older than (days): 90"
"Expire Trash Items Older Than (days): 1"
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dabernathyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like you have a maintenance task set to run automatically. In ConsoleOne, highlight your Post Office object. Right-click your POA object, and choose Properties. Click the GroupWise tab and choose Scheduled Events.

You'll probably find an Expire/Reduce event configured there. You can un-check the checkbox to disable it, you can highlight it and click Edit to change how it works, or you can click Delete to get rid of it entirely.

If there are other jobs like user/message database check and fix jobs, leave those alone; those are supposed to be there to keep the databases in good shape.
jabol2Author Commented:
Thank you for your assistance. The exact location of the poa is the only thing I had an issue with but only took a few minutes to find. It was within my tree, highlight my post office and then in the right section of console one I saw the poa. I was originally trying to get to it through the groupwise system part of console one.

Thanks again.
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