Policy Based Routing

I have two networks built at one of my remote offices. is on my MPLS link to corporate. goes out a local T1 for internet access. I want to route all web traffic (port 80) from the network out over the T1 on the network. there is an ISA proxy on the 192 network between the internet router and the 192 network.
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dtadminAuthor Commented:
I have attached a diagram of the network involved with this posting.
Will the ISA Proxy allow the 10.80.33.x network to bypass it for www access? If not, simply set the proxy settings on any hosts on the network
A route-map can easily forward the traffic, but not if the ISA won't allow it through, and I assume from your diagram that it is also doing NAT, so it has to be configured to nat the network, needs a route to the network pointing to

I can help with the route-map, but not the ISA config

access-list 121 permit tcp any eq www
route-map WWW permit 10
 match ip address 121
 set ip next-hop
interface fe0/0.1
 ip policy route-map WWW


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dtadminAuthor Commented:
are you assuming the ISA box is in the config above?
I was assuming that the ISA is the default gateway for the 192.168.100.x network, and that its network IP is substitute appropriately to fit your layout.

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