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GPO settings still on computer after imaging

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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
One of my associates reconfigured a machines and choose to create a image form this machine. Unforutanly he didn't remove the group policies from the machines. So now when any user logs in it installs a network printer, and maps a drive to a old location that is not in use anymore.  

This image was then used on 90 pc's

My question is how can I remove all GPO's, printers, and map drives from the all users profile or Default user profile. I would like if possible remove all setting and make the all user profiles return to the default settings. It's possible that the gpo are not applying anymore, but the map drives and network printer are somehow stuck in the all users or default users profile

I'm putting the points high, because this is starting to become a big problem in our enviroment
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Already tried that

let me note the things I have already done

Already ran kb313222 fix
tried to delete the default and all user profile. Could not delete the allusers profile
Rejoin the machine to the domain and put it in a OU with no policy applied


Newsid was ran on all the machines before joining them to the domain.

I can image a machines run newsid then join it to the domain and the settings are still there.

I belive it involves more than GPO settings as the map drive is also showing up for all users


Almost like something is stuck in the profile, from when the machines where sealed with sysprep.

Maybe I could delete the drives and printer, and reseal the machine?
what about creating a new user then logging in with it (on that machine). Same thing happens?
its probably a client application running enforcing those GPs. If you do a RSoP you would know for sure.

It would be best to disable non-microsoft services and then re-enable them until the culprit is found.

I had a similar situation with SCCM.


If I create a new user on the local machine. I get a warning about not being able to locate the defualt profile.

But when the profile loads it does not put the printer or map drive

I will need to reimage the machine again as i have made alot of changes to the machine. I also delete the default profile, so that may be part of the problem


I ran a Rsop and the output showed no GPO's still in place.

I am leaning to the default profile being messed up after sealing hte machine with sysprep.

Never EVER delete the default profile folder! Profiles would not be created correctly.

All users - applies to all the users of the system
Default user - used for first time logins



I understand this, and have already correct this. As I explained I was trying to narrow the problem down, and tried a couple of things. Since then I have reimaged the machine.

I understand that the default profile should not be deleted.


I have reimaged the pc, and created another local user to see if the printer and map drive apply to that user account.

The printer and map drive get placed on the profile of a local account.

RSOP reports no policys being applied to the machines.

So the issue does seem to be the all users profile or the default user profile.

In the registry under HKEY_USERS I see the following


all the way to 21

When I look under printers and connections I see the infromation the network printer. Not sure where to look for the map drives.

Ok well, I am sorry I can't be of anymore help. That last thing is your logon scripts, but I'd imagine you already checked those.
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I was able to fix the problems

for the printer issues, there turns out to be a pug in the newest version of pushprinterconnects.exe. Replaceing this file and adding and then removing the gpo from the machine fixed this problem.

the second issue of the map drive was from the default profile. A map drive was still on the administrators profile when sysprep was run. So it took those settings and made them the default user.

I am able to remove this drive manually, but by GPO would be better. But i will save that for another questions.

Since I only got 2  answers from anybody I will split the points up between you.


thoug they did not give the solution to the problem, they did provide information for someones else if they come acroos this thread.
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