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Resize Virtual Disk

yakselrud asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
Can I resize a VMware virtual disk?
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Definitely, what is the OS of the VM?

Assuming you're using Vmware Workstation/Server, the proper way is to use the command-line program "vmware-vdiskmanager".

Shutdown your VM, open a command window and change directory to your VMware installation folder until you see a program called "vmware-vdiskmanager".

A sample command would be:

vmware-vdiskmanager.exe" -r "<source>" -t 1 -s 36Gb "<destination>"

However, that only increases the size of the disk.  To increase the size of the actual partition you have to do that from the guest operating system itself.

Here's the official VMware instructions:


Good luck!
Steve :)
Another alternative would be to use VMware vConverter to resize the VMDK file of the VM.


Windows Server 2K3 and 2K8.
za_mkhIT Manager

With Windows 2003, if it is your system drive, you will need to normally shutdown the VM so that the disk can be expanded.
With Windows 2008, you can expand your system drive while the OS is running.
So for your windows 2003 box, if you want to grow the disk (from inside the VM) without restarting it .. I recommend this Dell Tool. Since Mike has written about it only last week ... (I feel better about myself - cause I knew about this tool for a few months already - I should start writing a blog!)
Top Expert 2009

Yup you can resize disk in ESX
To be exact you can grow a virtual harddisk after it has been created but you cant shrink it
Lastly apply the method mentioned by za_mkh to expand it in Windows
See this for details http://vsphere-land.com/tips-tricks/re-sizing-virtual-disks
Good luck!
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