connect windows 2000 PC to windows 2003 pc without asking password


I have a windows 2000 PC which is a member of a domain, I'm accessing the windows 2003 server which  is not a member of domain. I can connect to this pc but  it always ask me a user and password. I want to access this computer without asking any password.

what should i do to make it happen..

i mess with this, i really need your guide and help experts!
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it should only ask you for your password on establishing a new session..

Have you looked at providing anonymous access to the Win2K3 box?
Win2K3 has limited anonymous functionality, so might not be exactly what you need.

I'd prefer to map a drive and authenticate then..
game-masterAuthor Commented:

wat i want is even if i establish new session it will not ask
username and password...

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Has this got anything to do with MS SQL Server?
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This is a username/password issue and not a windows networking nor SQL issue.
The simple way is to add the windows 2003 server into the domain.
Not really sure what windows 2003 PC you have is it running Vista or is it also XP?

The other option is to add identical username/password in the windows2003 server.
i.e. domain\username with password as pass
you would add a user username with password pass.
game-masterAuthor Commented:

the win2003 server is setup for workgroup only...
we dont want to put it on domain...

how to add identical username/password?

can u guide me to this?
Export the username/password from the AD and then add them as local users of the server 2003.
No guarantee that it will work, but you can try.
I.e. your login is domain1\game-master with the password of password.
Add a new user to the server 2003 game-master with the password password.
and then grant this user the access it needs to the resources.
Then from the workstation, access the resource you need.

The alternative is to configure control keymgr.dll  (at the run or command prompt type control keymgr.dll) to store the credentials to access resources on the windows 2003 server.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
WHY do you want to keep the machine in a workgroup?  What benefits do you perceive by having it there?

One of the major POINTS to having a domain is to simplify access to network resources - which is what you're asking for.  The only way you will be able to achieve this in some way is to create the user accounts on the server as arnold said and setup the passwords to be identical.  As soon as your user changes his password on the domain though, it will start prompting them again.
ok, again, have you tried anonymous access?
Have you tried mapping a drive to the server and adding alternate credentials (the ones you normally have to provide every time)..

Theoretically if the mapped drive is logged in you won't have to provide details as its already authenticated..

May work..

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Adam RayCommented:
To expand on icmdr's answer, you can create a login script on your PC (just create a .bat file and put it in your Start-Up folder) that will map a drive on login, it's fairly fool-proof as long as the user name/password on the W2k3 box aren't changed and the server is online when the the PC logs on.

Note: this is NOT a secure solution as the password is just stored in a plain text file.

Put the following lines in the login script:

net use x: /delete
net use x: \\w2k3-server\share /USER:w2k3-server\username password

(Replacing the w2k3-server, share, username, and password with your own info.  The username/password is the user account info on the w2k3 server.)
Adam RayCommented:
I forgot, icmndr:  I assume you also meant to mention to select the "reconnect at logon" option.  That generally works, but in practice I have noticed that the drive will disconnect from to time -- most often when the server is not available on logon.
game-masterAuthor Commented:

i tried to connect the windows 2003 server to windows NT (our domain controller) but
it has an error...they said it is not possible...

can u please guide me to this one...


Who are they?
Are you adding the windows 2003 system as a member server or are you trying to add it as a DC?
You can not add the windows 2003 server as a DC.
Go through the properties of my computer on the windows 2003 server. Select the computer name tag.  Then go through the Network ID wizard to add it into the NT domain.
See if you have the desired result.  (You may need to add a computer account based on the windows 2003 server's name prior to going through the Network ID wizard)

Are there system/application requirements/limitation that prevent you from converting the NT domain into an AD domain (windows 2000 and newer)?
enable gust account in both machean, give them same password, in win 2003 give gust account the necessary p
 Permeation, try that

enable gust account in both enable gust account in both machine      , give them same password, in win 2003 give gust account the necessary Permeation, try that
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