Acer Aspire M5640 Won't turn on

I have a  year old Acer Aspire M5640 when I try to turn on the PC the power button light turns on and off for about a second as do the fans turn on and off for a second and never turns back on. There are no beeps.
Thinking it was the Power Supply, I bought a new 450 Watt Power Supply. And the same thing occured.
Could the problem lie in the switch?

I had tested before purchasing the Power Supply with my Tower's PSU (Antec TruePower Trio 550 Watt), while connected to the case. I had to use the power switch on the Tower's case instead of the PC, but it turned on.

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Hi there,

You will probably find this is not a switch related issue. I believe it is going to be more than likely your mainboard or CPU. I would suggest reseating the CPU and RAM and seeing if it makes any issues.

How far out of warranty is your system. If it is only 2 weeks to 1 month i would push the customer service team to give you a GGW (gesture of good will) service which most manufacturers would usually oblige depending on how far out of warranty your system is.

It's possible.
A quick way to find out is to take the wires from the Power Button off the motherboard header pins, and use something like a small screwdriver to jump the pins together. Hold for about 1 second to turn ON, hold for about 5 to turn OFF.
Or if possible, you can swap with the wires from the Reset button (making it the power button)
Or you could just Jump the PINS on the mobo
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PapoteAuthor Commented:
Not exactly sure wich pin is for the power / reset. Opening the front of the case is not an easy project.
It's using a block connector ?
The manual should have a pinout of the Front Panel header pins.
PapoteAuthor Commented:
It is a block connector, but don't have a manual on hand.
Follow the wires from the front header switch back to the block connector...

But as i said i doubt it very very very much whether it is the switch. You can run a flad head screwdriver along all the pin once it has gotten to the power pins it will turn on. there is nothing there than you can really short.
I have had quite a few workstations at work do this. After we tried replacing the motherboard, cpu, ram, and removing all the add in cards we replaced the power supply. It has been the power supply every time ive seen this happen.
PapoteAuthor Commented:
The PC is a year old. I have reset the RAM. My previous experience when there are problems with RAM or CPU is that it would at least beep. Here it just starts and shuts off in like a second only once when the power cable is connected.
When I press the power button it does nothing.
Can I jump the main motherboard connector (green-black wires) whle connected to the motherboard?
Also make sure you replace the power supply with the same type atx revision.

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are you refering to pins 4&5 no...

you need to remove the ATX connector before doing this... i still personally think it is going to be your mainboard causing the problem
PapoteAuthor Commented:
Tried already with 2 ATX Power Supplies and nothing.
Well then as i just said it is going to be the mainboard.
Its a simple process of elimination. Try the CPU and RAM on another mainboard...
PapoteAuthor Commented:
Sadly, I think as well it is the motherboard, just want to be sure, after I had bought an overpriced PSU.
What I find odd is that It worked twice using the Antec PSU on the original and using the power switch on that case....
disconnect the motherboard and do this
if it kicks on and spins up the hd's and fans m/b is gone
PapoteAuthor Commented:
I had done that PSU jump and worked.
remove all pci pci-e cards....remove the ram....see if itll turn on and beep at ya...process of elimination....
Antec True Power Trio line used OST capacitors that fail more often than most other brands.
OST also have problems on motherboards.
Regardless of the capacitors etc... we have already established that the pSU is working fine.

>> but don't have a manual on hand

Any markings on the motherboard around the header pins?

You said the Acer booted when hooked to the Tower PSU and Front panel connector, any way to hook it to the Tower PSU and the Acer FP connector to see what happens?
You don't get it.
Look INSIDE the original power supply.
If it has bloated caps mobo chipset may be toast.
Fan jerk and no beeps is typical of a blown chipset.

Also check the mobo caps.
If they are bad chipset may not be getting clean power and that can look like a blown chipset.
Acer isn't exactly renowned for using good caps.


PapoteAuthor Commented:
PCBONEZ: I really don't care about the Power Supply, since I already purchased a new one and have my tower's working PSU to test as well. The fan I mention is the CPU and system fans. They jerk on once the power is connected and stay off.
I looked at the motherboard but couldn't really find any noticable blown caps.
I managed to open the front bezel and tried to jump the "POWER SW" connector. No dice. Even went to the motherboard connecter and jumo it there and nothing.
I believe the motherboard is fried.
I guess I now have to find a replacement motherboard to fit this small form factor case.
>> ...motherboard connecter and jump it there and nothing

Could be motherboard. But I still find it interesting you said it worked when you hooked it to the Tower.
Anything hooked to the mobo that wasn't hooked to it with the Tower (video, hard drive, nic, usb, etc) ?
PapoteAuthor Commented:
I really don't know how it did, but I tried to recreate it but couldn't anymore.
I was lazy and didn't want to remove the PSU from my tower so I placed it pretty close and connected themain motherboard power Conecter, the ATX 12V Connector and one Hard Drive. I left the rest of the power cables connected on the Tower (I was lazy...). Tried to turn on on the Power Switch of the PC and nothing, I hit the power switch on my Tower and it powered on.
I remember I check the OS for a bit and turned it off.
On the Tower there is one Molex Power connector tothe fron bezel; I guess for the lights maybe.
>> ...hit the power switch on my Tower and it powered on.

Wow... that's strange. Unless the Tower is using an old AT style power supply.
PapoteAuthor Commented:
It's ATX...
>>> PCBONEZ: I really don't care about the Power Supply, <<<
If you will read what I wrote,
,,, the POINT to checking the old PSU was to see if it may have damaged -> the motherboard.

PapoteAuthor Commented:
I jump started the old PSU and it does Power on.
Can't really fully test it on another PC. Too little power for my tower and doesn't have PCI Express Power cable for my Video Card. I did connect it briefly to my tower and the fans did turn on.
I meant to open it up and look for bloated caps.
If none then the odds that it damaged the board are small.
If many, the chance it did is significant.

A PSU may still start with bad caps but the power won't be 'clean' DC.
It will be loaded up with noise which is called 'Ripple' [for 'Ripple Voltages'].
Excessive Ripple will overheat the caps, MOSFETs, regulators, and chipset on the motherboard.
It can also result in more damage inside the PSU.

In some designs of PSUs there is a transistor in the +5vsb circuit that will blow if a particular cap goes bad.
When the transistor goes it sends a voltage spike that will blow out the motherboard's chipset.
Bestec 250 watt units were FAMOUS for this but many others do it too. [Just less consistently.]
That cap is usually 4 or 5 mm in diameter and rated for between 22 and 47 uF.
It will be mounted near or in between a rectangualr IC chip with 8+ legs and one of the small transformers.

I probably just went 8 layers deeper than you care about.

Based on your other exploits here I think your motherboard is dead and I suspect the cause was the PSU.
PapoteAuthor Commented:
Any recommendations on a motherboard that would fit the original case and cables (Micro Tower)?  I would prefer to not have to change the RAM (DDR2 667Mhz) and CPU (Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200).
I think this might work. It don't say Pentium Duo, but it's the same chipset you have now. You also need to check if your mobo is 10" x 10" or 10" x 8".


lots more with Nvidia chipsets here to look through:
PapoteAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all that helped out.
Thank you much.
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