How do I generate hash algorithm id of secure hash algorithms like MD5 and SHA-1?


We want to block certain applications in our domain using hash rules of Microsoft's software restriction policy.  The hash rule will expect three values - file hash, file length in bytes and hash algorithm id.  I've a script which will periodically generate md5 hash of the applications to be blocked but I'm not sure of how to generate the hash algorithm ids.  When I use browse button and select the required file, the policy is auto-populating the values and most of the times it is using 32771 as the hash algorithm ID.  Are there any standard list of algorithm IDs for each algorithm?  Or is there any tool to generate hash algorithm IDs so that I can enhance my script to generate algorithm IDs along with file hashes.

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well usually encryption / compress tool have hashing function built in.

here is a open source one

urg sorry copy and paste the wrong link
or if you wish, you can use the microsoft solution
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deshawAuthor Commented:
I had a look at the links and it has steps to generate file hashes.  But I'm looking for the hash algorithm IDs of each of the algorithm.
i am not following you. you want a program that generates hash and have a unique id to that piece of software that you just hashed?

will have the script include the pid number be enough?
deshawAuthor Commented:
I got the hash algoritm IDs for various hash funtions from this site -
32769 for MD2
32770 for MD4
32771 for MD5
32773 for MAC
32772 for SHA1
However, I'm not sure if these hash function to hash algorithm ID mapping is done by M$ or if it is a standard notation.

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