How can I move 4mm DDS media from free pool in msbackup

I have some data backed up onto 4mm DAT. However when I first entered the tape into the drive I incorrectly chose the option for the media.
This media now appears in the free media pool in MSBackup. I know the tape still have the contemts by putting it into another machine.

How can I remove media from the free media pool in MSbackup so that I can re-add it and catalogue for restore?
I guess it's going to be a registry hack after getting no joy from the control panel.
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Thomas RushCommented:
You might have to blow your catalog away.  Sounds like you told the backup application to recycle the tape, so it's not going to treat it as having current data.

Or, try importing into a different instance of your backup application (do you have another server running the same backup application as a standalone server?).
chunky1Author Commented:
Hi Selfgovern,

How would I blow away the catalogue? This sounds like the better option for me.

Thomas RushCommented:
I'm not sure; I don't know the program "MSBackup".   If it's the one known as "NT Backup", you could try to uninstall, making sure you delete all files, and then reinstall.  

Or, take a look at the menus, as well as the help, and see if there is a command to delete or initialize the catalog/database.
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chunky1Author Commented:
The backup program is NT backup, (Sorry my fault).
I cannot find any info on deleting the catalogue. I also cannot find it on the un-install windows components anywhere.
Thomas RushCommented:
Look through the backup*.log files or other files in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\data from around the date where you made the mistake.  See if one of them says something about having moved the tape to the free pool.

If you can't get a resolution there, your best shot may be to take the tape to another server, restore it to an external USB drive, and then attach that drive to the server where you want the files, and move them.   "Attach" here could be either physically with a USB cable, or by sharing the drive over the network.

Sorry I can't be more help -- NT Backup doesn't seem to have a lot of readily findable documentation.

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chunky1Author Commented:
Had to use an alternative server in the end.
Many thanks for your assistance.
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