Flickering LCD Screen

I have a laptop that boots up fine but the LCD screen keeps flickering and doesn't display correctly.
When I apply pressure to certain parts of the LCD screen frame it displays correctly.
But as soon as I remove the pressure from the frame it goes back to the flickering screen.

HAs anyone else had this problem before or know how to resolve this.

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Usually this is due to some cable either not seated properly, or broken. Open the laptop and the display and check the cables, remove them from their sockets and reinsert them. While doing this make sure the power adapter and battery aren't connected.
deal2acesAuthor Commented:
So completely remove the whole screen.

It shouldn't be necessary to remove the complete screen, but you should open up the top cover of the PC, as the display's cable goes somewhere there, and also open the front part of the display, that should give you access. If necessary you can then unscrew the panel from the plastic cover so you can reach the other end of the cable.
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if you don't see any image (black screen) until you press on the specified part it could be due to the CCFL (inverter). it's the tube that light the screen. if it starts to be broken it can flicker. you can find it on ebay but it's hard enought to change. perhaps you better change the screen itself.
Hi , I had the exact same problem. On opening the screen it turned to be a minor connection problem. When you apply pressure at that spot the connection flows smoothly & thats why your screen works perfectly.
deal2acesAuthor Commented:

I remove the LCD screen and disconnected it from all the ports its was connected to and installed it again but the same problem occurred.

It looks like the problem is coming from one of the two wires that are on the lid of the laptop. The wires run down to the motherboard. I have not opened the casing of the laptop to access the motherboard as I am looking for advise her. The wire looks fine so I'm guessing its a problem with the connection to the  motherboard.

Has anyone had this problem before and is this common for the wires on the lid that connections to the LCD screen to get damaged or distached from the motherboard?

pleases advise how you resolve this.  
It's possible that the connector to the mainboard has gotten dis-logged. It is also quite common that the cable itself gets bad, particularly around the hinges where it goes from the display's case to the PC's case. Here it always gets moved and bent when you open and close the lid. After time every cable will break there.

You should be able to get replacement cables from your manufacturer, or via ebay or other sites on the i-net. It's just important to make sure you get it for the right model of laptop.

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This sounds like a bad inverter board. its a little thin circuit board that is below the lcd. see attached picture
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