Disabling TRC files, howto?

I need to disable generation of trc files. They are chewing up most of my disk space and I'm really not even sure what they are for. There are lots of posting on this, but none really solve my problem.

In posting http://www.experts-exchange.com/Database/Oracle/10.x/Q_22712202.html I found the advice: "Comment sql_trace in your init.ora file and restart the db." That worked for the poster who is running my same version (10g).

However, I don't have "sql_trace" in my init.ora file. Also, I have two init.ora files in: /oracle/dbs/init.ora and /oracle/srvm/admin/init.ora. Both have the similar dates and I don't know which is the 'live' one.

Help appreciated
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try this one:
alter system set SQL_trace = false scope = both;

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then restart db
MarkAuthor Commented:
coupla questions before I do this (can't take the db down immediately):

Do I need a comma between "false" and "scope"?

How can I query "system" to see how tracing is set?

1) no comma between scope and false
2) to chceck value of sql_trace check:
select name, value from v$parameter where lower(name) like 'sql_trace';
3) after shutting down database try to also add to both init.ora files sql_trace=false
MarkAuthor Commented:
Nope, still creating TRC files in /oracle/admin/orcl/bdump/. When I list the v$parameter value per your instructions it says "FALSE".

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