Default Domain Policy Settings Removed but Still being Applied?

My Default Domain Policy had some legacy IE Settings put into it at some point before I started over 4 years ago. And I stripped them out. Unfortunately it looks like the DDP is still pushing them out even though I removed them. I know this because I did a deny to the DDP policy only on one PC and it picked up the correct proxy settings from another GPO. So is there a way to change the Default domain policy, by deleting it and creating a new one? I heard of Dcgpofix, but I only want to do that policy and not the domain controller one?

So is that possible or should I be looking to do that some other way?

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
When you say you "stripped out" the settings I assume you just set them to NOT CONFIGURED. Try setting the policies to ENABLED (or DISABLED as appropriate) rather than just leaving them unconfigured.
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
Sorry if I confused with the strip out bit, what I meant was in the DDP there was the proxy address specified for IE, I removed these settings out of the policy so that there was no proxy specified anymore, so the setting enable proxy is unticked as it would be setting up a new GPO.

But Still.....................some how with that setting gone it is still setting it. I have checked all other GPO's and that proxy isnt specified in any of them.

hence trying to replace the DDP

PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Do a RSOP.MSC or use Group Policy Results from the GPMC and navigate to the proxy settings and it will tell you what policy if any is setting that setting.
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Maybe the setting is coming from another gpo. to make sure ru the "group polici results wizard" by right cliking "group plicy results" at the group policy management console. After it runs, select the report that was produced and select the tab settings. Click the proxy setting and see what is the wining policy. This is the policy you have to change.
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
I did a RSOP.msc & a wizard to see if I could find anything that was going on.

In the Rsop I went to the proxy settings and the enable proxy settings was disabled, but the proxy address was still in there. in the Precedence tab it showed the Default Domain Policy in there and nothing else :-(

The wizard showed me the other gpo which was a user admin policy and that had no proxy information in it either?

Is that pointing to the DDP?

Cheers for your help so far
Now i got confused...
What you need to see is the settings tab of the group policy results at the group policy management console after you run the group policy results wizard .
There you will see what is the wining gpo for the proxy setting. If the proxy setting doesn't appear at the group policy results, then it is disabled.
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
Got ya,

Ok under the proxy side nothing there appeared which shows like you said that nothing is being applied. Check the screenshot attached. That was the setting in the default domain policy that I took out, but it is still there and also it takes over clients sometimes with that setting instead of the correct proxy. Weird I know! And I definately know that its not being applied via any other GPO as I have gone through all of them.
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
this setting was in the default domain policy because it was specified even though it is not ticked to be enabled. Which meant that it was being pushed out to the clients like in the screen shot, removed the setting from the gpo and it got rid of the proxy specified. But the Auto Configuration tickbox is still ticked even though it is set to disabled.
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