Why is F11 sometimes not working in IE?

IE version: 7.0.5730.13

I guess its a BUG! But is there a solution?
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is it working for some websites?

if so , then there could be a script inside that website to deny that shortcut key....
loopstudioAuthor Commented:
No, I dont think thats the issue, its more likely that sometimes the F11 function itself gets "broken" in IE, and then it doenst work anymore.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
do you have other software which may use that key - such as screen grab or other utility software??
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loopstudio--Sometimes problems can be very difficult.  Can you see any pattern when this happens?  Always at one or more specific sites?  After you have been using the current instance of IE for an extended period?  Once F11 starts not working, what happens thereafter, like works at no website?
loopstudio--I have seen reports where if more than one IE windows is opened, only one will go full screen with F11.
Is that consistent with your problem?  There seems no cure for that.


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loopstudioAuthor Commented:
LainNIX: no
jcmarron: "maybe" it could be something like that.. with multiple IE windows open. Gotta test that next time!
loopstudioAuthor Commented:
ACTUALLY! Right now, when I opened the second IE window with experts exchange.. it WOULDNT do a fullsizemax!

It seems like IF I allready have 1 window on fullsize-max, then other windows cannot!

If I hit F11 on the first window that was fullsize maxed, so it gets smaller, THEN I can max the second with F11..

hehe.. Maybe THAT IS the issue!
thanx.. haha
loopstudio--I hope so.  That is what others experience.  But it seems there is no fix.
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